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Why include yoga and aerobics in schools? On top of the other existent physical activities like soccer and basketball? Don’t they all have the same exact purpose? It is indeed difficult to differentiate yoga from other forms of physical activities when viewed as just another type of exercise, but when its underlying psychological benefits are...
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Technology has crept into the educational sector a long ago and it’s about time that it finds its way into the classrooms as well. Take any institute in the list of best schools in Gurgaon, students there are increasingly being exposed to technology and classrooms are becoming smarter. In fact, recent studies have shown that...
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Students of today always seem to be running around. There’s school, assignments given by teachers, projects to complete by the end of the month and exams to prepare for. The days do not get any longer and students lose their sleep with all the added pressure. The main reason for a hectic schedule is decreased...
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