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Winning is a good habit. And winning also shows the temperament of the whole team. When a school continuously wins awards in various fields, have a cabinet full of trophies to show, it only portrays a picture of high ambition and sheer excellence. While you may focus on the educational performance of the school or...
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The good IGCSE schools in Gurgaon have regular events for a reason. Whether they are educational or cultural, sports or arts, every event has something to teach the students that they can carry along with them throughout their entire lifetime. When a student leaves the audience’s seat and participates, she is gathering experience by being involved...
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Is selecting a school with multiple branches at multiple locations ever an evaluating parameter for you? If not, then it should be. Having more than one campus spread over a city is a very healthy sign. It tells you that the school is prospering, capable of taking care of that many students and the management...
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In the modern world, advancing in class is more than about getting passing grades in the allotted subjects. Students must develop life skills along with the subject knowledge in order to survive in their life after school and only then can the education of a particular grade can be complete. The top schools ensure an...
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