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Exam anxiety is very real. Child psychologists term it as another type of performance anxiety. It grips students of all capabilities and creates effects of varying kinds. A high-performing student who has continuously returned with good grades may fall victim to exam anxiety owing to her expectations to continue her good results. An average student...
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A student of a convent school will immediately stand apart, no matter where he/she goes. For convent schools are institutes that instill a very specific set of skills among its students. Although the infrastructures have been modernised to meet the current demands, the principle teachings in such schools remain the same. Students can still reap...
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“Practice makes Perfect” is a statement that does not fit well with mathematics if the students remain unaware of the underlying concepts that are governing the problems. This gap creates the common fear of math and even while the importance of the subject is undeniable, many students back out or are forced to pursue the...
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