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How Technically Advanced is Your Child’s School Regarding Safety?
Modern schools are sprawled over immense areas as the current academic needs demand nothing less. There were times when any building with a few classrooms could be called schools. But now, educational institutions must house laboratories, libraries, sports centres, auditoriums, expansive corridors, cafeterias, and much more. Although this expansion of physical space in schools has...
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Involvement of parents in their children’s education is known to create better development. While it is accepted that parents will try to pitch in when the students are young, the frequency gradually decreases as the children become older. But many worldwide surveys have concluded that the scenario should not be such. When parents make themselves...
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Do scientists need to be good at English? Do mathematicians need to focus on their grammar? At a time when successful people used to work in isolation, these questions were indeed invalid. Then, commerce flourished, the world shrunk and everything started becoming interactive. Scientists now have to report their research on paper. Mathematicians have to...
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Taking notes is a life long process. You will have to start in school, continue in college and go on till the very end of your professional career. Notes help you to remember what you hear, revise all that you learned and take informed actions whenever called upon. Thus, it is essential that you start...
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Getting admission in the best school in Gurgaon is by no means a simple feat. Modern education requires the schools to maintain a smaller class size which, in turn, limits the number of available seats and thereby increases the rate of competition. All these factors together act to amp up the level of school admissions and...
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When students ask questions in the classroom, it naturally means they were involved in the lesson. It also means that they have understood the subject, interest is sparked and their curiosity level is flying high. They will come in rejuvenated for the next lesson, all ready to learn and listen with that much concentration as...
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How far can good teachers and great books take a student’s education if the school is not equipped with the right tools? How well can the student learn if theory is all he/she has access to? A school is only as good as its infrastructure and only those qualify as the modern ones who have...
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The school’s management goes a long way in deciding the institution’s overall performance. Be it infrastructural development or resource management, all decisions that directly impact the school present and future come from that room. Thus, it only seems logical that you evaluate a school’s management as well, along with the other obvious parameters while selecting...
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The good IGCSE schools in Gurgaon have regular events for a reason. Whether they are educational or cultural, sports or arts, every event has something to teach the students that they can carry along with them throughout their entire lifetime. When a student leaves the audience’s seat and participates, she is gathering experience by being involved...
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Mentorship, respect, trust and positive. These are a few common terms that immediately get associated with the teacher-student relationship that must exist in a classroom to ensure healthy academic development. And the argument is completely true. All of them must coexist. Teachers should be more than guardians to students and the children must be accepting...
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