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One of the greatest gifts a convent school can give its students is the fluency in the English language. But just like any other gift, it will merely occupy your valuable time and space if you do not know how to use it to your benefit, nurture it, and turn it into an asset. Thus,...
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Taking notes is a life long process. You will have to start in school, continue in college and go on till the very end of your professional career. Notes help you to remember what you hear, revise all that you learned and take informed actions whenever called upon. Thus, it is essential that you start...
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Knowledge is the information that we store in our minds while skill is what we apply using that information. When the debate between knowledge-based education and skill-based education is put on the table and we are told to pick a side, the choice is really between having a chair without the seat or the legs....
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Winning is a good habit. And winning also shows the temperament of the whole team. When a school continuously wins awards in various fields, have a cabinet full of trophies to show, it only portrays a picture of high ambition and sheer excellence. While you may focus on the educational performance of the school or...
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A school’s curriculum will decide exactly what your child is taught and how education is imparted. Imagine it like an academic directive where there are a fixed set of subjects but the design is such that the students get the full freedom to explore their passions. The right curriculum will enable the students to reach...
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Every student, at some point in their school life, faces the stress of homework. And certainly, you are no exception. The time will come when you will have homework of multiple subjects staring at you, each as difficult as the other and completing everything within the given deadline will seem impossible. Stress will start building...
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There is a popular saying – if you always win, you never learn. As parents, it is our human instinct to protect our children from all adversities. Be it failing a subject in school or return disappointed because the toy store was closed, we automatically jump in to stand as a shield to prevent the...
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“What to teach” is generally easy to address for schools as the curriculum is almost always defined by the board of their affiliation. “How to teach”, on the other hand, requires more consideration as it is that parameter that works to convert the school to one of the premier educational institutions. The way information is...
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