Studying at School vs Studying at Home – The Importance of School Attendance

The easy availability of educational resources hasdefinitely made learning easier, but it has also brought along with it a menace in the form of school absenteeism. And somehow this peril is being fuelled by irresponsible and overhyped marketing that is forcing the wrong things gain the unnecessary spotlight. Misconceptions about school attendance are on the rise, parents are naturally misled and the whole scenario is becoming a pointless challenge for the institutes around. Is studying at home by missing schools really helpful? The answer is a straight no!

The academic ambience matters

It requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline on the part of a student to maintain the same level of educational quality while studying from the comfort of home. Learning depends on the atmosphere around, the people surrounding the student and the proximity to the instructor. While a subject lecture is easily available on the internet these days, but that academic ambience can never be mimicked. The depth to which the student understands the topic, the efficiency of knowledge consumption and even the attention capabilities will remain compromised at home.

The top 20 schools in Gurgaon design their classrooms to provide their students with things more other than the basic academic knowledge. Discipline forms the primary lesson, followed by time management. Students also learn social skills, vocational abilities, self-improvement techniques and so on. None of these can happen by studying in a home environment. Schools are definitely meant for education, but it also works to connect academics with real-life experiences. A child missing school will always lag behind, both in learning and life-skills.

The competitive edge goes missing

Competition is one of the crucial factors that dictate a student’s personal achievements. It is human nature to compare oneself with someone else and build a skill that is lacking. Often, competition becomes the driving force to achieve greater heights, break tougher boundaries and set newer benchmarks. And all these can happen when a student is surrounded by performing peers. Studying at home takes away the competitive edge. The students lose his/her natural instinct to compare instinctively and work on constructive habits. The fuel goes missing and underperforming becomes a tendency.

And when such a student does arrive in school, he/she finds himself/herself within a group of confident students. The ridge is already too large to jump over which naturally leads to demotivating thoughts. This further force the student to miss school and the loop continues. The overall result? The child never reaches his/her full true potential, finds it difficult further down the lane and becomes socially awkward. While the argument is valid that too much competition is often not healthy, but under proper guidance, it is actually helpful. The top institutes in the all school list in Gurgaon will maintain this and provide the necessary edges.

How can schools combat this problem?

The authorities must take vigilant steps before the issue escalates into something unstoppable and the figures of school absenteeism further explode. They must play an active role in encouraging students to come to school. Awareness is often the first step, followed by infrastructure and a stress-free environment.

  • The school authorities must work closely with parents and teachers to establish the importance of attending classes. Parents will work as the first motivator for the child followed by the teachers.
  • The classes should be interesting. The schools must improvise on their teaching techniques and bring in all the available facilities. Be it smart boards or experimental setups, things must be available.
  • Students should have the freedom to express their concerns and learn at their own pace. Not understanding subjects do become the trigger points for missing schools. The faculty must give one-to-one sessions to such students so that no one is left behind.
  • Every activity must be available on the school premises. From sports to music, excursions to arts, theschool must be interesting where students will want to spend time. These other activities will break the monotony and naturally encourage students.

And it is for these very reasons that Alpine Convent School, the best IGCSE school in Sector 56 Gurgaon, sees such low rates of absenteeism in their classes. The institute maintains the perfect educational atmosphere within its premises and attends to all the aspects that drive a student away from school. Students here are motivated in the right sense and benefit from regular classes. So, missing school is never the answer to better education. Studying at home is fine but studying at school is required. There can never be any comparison, there is no room for any doubt. Schools are necessary for the right academic development.

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