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Selecting Schools with Multiple Branches – Is it Beneficial?

Is selecting a school with multiple branches at multiple locations ever an evaluating parameter for you? If not, then it should be. Having more than one campus spread over a city is a very healthy sign. It tells you that the school is prospering, capable of taking care of that many students and the management is exceedingly efficient that it is running so many schools under one brand name. Selecting such a school is highly beneficial for you and your child in ways unimaginable, a few of which are discussed in this post.

The school’s inventory will be massive

The top IGCSE schools in Gurgaon will make full use of the plots available. For instance, one campus can focus on having a huge library while another can all be about high-tech laboratories. One can have international standard sports facilities and another can be about art and music. Each specific location can have an expansive infrastructure with the others being present in basic forms and students can shift among the schools to make full use of the available resources.

Any other institute just with one campus will naturally be limited by their plot size. But schools with multiple branches can build an education fortress. A big library will hold that many books. Students can read on any subject of their liking or indulge in further learning. Similarly, a bigger sports facility will give the students many options to choose from. Indoor, outdoor or educational, such schools can include all. The inventory becomes rich due to the availability of space and your child will hardly miss out on anything.

The faculty team will be unparalleled

Every branch of such a school will have its own team of subject teachers. And bigger the team, better the interaction. The best day boarding schools in Gurgaon Delhi will bring in visiting teachers from their own branch so that the students are exposed to various learning techniques. The shuffle can happen during session change or a teacher can come in from another branch just to interact with the students of the other. This method creates a rich educational experience among the students as they learn in variable ways.

Even among the teachers, group communication and mutual growth have a greater space. Being part of the same brand, there will be a sense of belongingness. Hence, a senior teacher of one branch will always come forward to help a junior member of the other and this process will never exhaust due to the presence of multiple campuses. Standard schools bring in a new teacher only when their previous faculty retires. This hinders the learning scope of the new member. Thus, teachers of schools with multiple branches are better experienced, highly knowledgeable, all of which ultimately come together to help your child.

The scope of competition is higher

Healthy and positive competition leads to better growth. In any other school, your child’s competition is a maximum of a hundred other students. At schools with multiple branches, the number may well be five to six hundred. A higher number of peers will expose your child to that many talents and he/she will naturally become more ambitious. One student may be excelling in education while another may be good at sports. No matter which branch they are from, the information will reach your child. He/she will try to better them and work harder for personal development.

A greater number will also bring in options. If your child is in a classroom where a maximum number of students are scholarly, being creative may single him/her out. But seeing another student at some other branch collecting appreciation in painting or singing will give your child heart to move forward with his/her passion and pursue it as a career. Schools with multiple branches do not suffer from the problem of the plenty, as is a common notion. In fact, that is there true strength giving them the opportunity to further their resources.

And lastly, convenience to you

You can go for the top 10 IGCSE schools in Gurgaon, yet keep your child close to home. You can select a branch a few lanes away and spare your child from the travelling hassle. Schools with multiple branches are beneficial, convenient and perfectly appropriate. And Alpine Convent School fits right in that list with four different branches spread over Gurgaon. As stated here, the school has a massive infrastructure, space for all educational facilities and students in the institute get the scope to perform and develop. Having a large area to spread their campus is a school’s achievement. It goes on to show their growth mentality which your child is bound to pick up.

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