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School Admissions: 5 Preparation Steps for You and Your Child

Getting admission in the best school in Gurgaon is by no means a simple feat. Modern education requires the schools to maintain a smaller class size which, in turn, limits the number of available seats and thereby increases the rate of competition. All these factors together act to amp up the level of school admissions and the parents naturally go all out to book a seat at the top institute. This leads to increased stress both in the parents and the children, and the admission process tends to become unnecessarily hectic for all.

But if you can calm down a bit, it is not that difficult to realize that clearing the admission tests of the top schools is a simple combination of the following 5 steps in order. If you can bring down your anticipation rate, logically walk through them along with your child, getting admission in the school you want does not have to be that difficult.

So, take note or print these out, and start ticking one box at a time.

Step 1: Visit the school and find out all you can

Does it make sense to teach your toddler everything there possibly is? In fact, visiting the school and finding out all there is to know about the admission procedure should be your starting point. With the information at hand, both you and your child can focus on a handful of topics, prepare meaningfully and build targeted knowledge. You will never have to go about finding more new things to learn. Sit down with the school’s faculty, ask what all do they look for and devise your preparation plans accordingly.

Step 2: Start with the basics and continuously revise

Increased competition leads to complicated questions but this is a plain and simple misconception. Take the admission of any school in the list of convent school in Gurgaon, every interview or written test always start with the basics. Your child will face questions about shapes and colors and that is where you should start. Utilize every opportunity to teach your child the basics, keep revisiting the topics so that your child remembers and try to make the learning fun with the help of toys or household items.

Step 3: Build your child’s manners and conduct

Learning manners is a time-consuming process. Thus, you must focus on it even before you go out to collect the school’s admission form. No matter how many answers your child gets right, if he/she does not follow at least a few basic manners, it can appear as a dark patch in the ultimate result. Work with your child to greet adults or express gratitude upon receiving something and make him/her take care of her own things. Saying a “good morning” to the examiner will create a massive first impression in favour of your child.

Step 4: Explain the process to your child

It is only natural that your child will be taken aback in a completely new environment in the company of new people. Irrespective of the preparation levels then, nothing may come out of your child. The best way to prevent such a scenario from occurring is to take some time before the interview and explain what all is about to happen to your child. You may also take your child to visit the school before the actual admission day just to familiarise the little one with the ambiance and make him/her comfortable.

Step 5: Always work on your child’s communication

Try not to prevent your child from asking questions. Encourage him/her to answer the phone or say the desires out completely before you say a yes or no. The more your child speaks, the more he/she will express and will not back down during the school’s admission interview. There are so many opportunities now for your child to communicate with unknown adults. Give him/her the push when such a situation comes up. Let your child find her own toys in the supermarket and all these will ultimately help the interview.

And, that’s it

You really do not have to focus on anything else. Getting into the best school in sector 38 Gurgaon is never about portraying your child like the best. It is about letting the examiner know that there is potential. Schools like the Alpine Convent School look for students and parents who can fit into their educational philosophy, where education is hardly performance-based and focus is always on learning. To get into Alpine, you must prioritize your child’s knowledge and skills and that is all you will ever require. Plan early for the next admission season, make sure you follow these steps leading up to the date and ensure your child a bright future by enrolling him/her in one of the country’s premier schools.

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