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Modern Techniques vs Traditional Methods – The Ways Schools Should Teach

Classrooms can no longer be imagined as a space filled with rows of desks for children to sit on quietly while a teacher stands in front with a blackboard behind her. Learning is no longer one-sided, textbooks are no longer the only sources. Modernisation has effectively crept into education as well and your child will only be trailing behind if not exposed properly to the current teaching techniques. Yet, a notion goes around that traditional methods are still the best way to impart education where every second allotted to the class was used efficiently and students learned their subjects in the best possible manner. The debate continues, whether to adopt modern techniques or stick to the conventional ones.

Defining modern teaching techniques

The process of traditional teaching does not require further explanation. But the modern techniques require a brief description to clear out the differences. The best IGCSE school in Sector 10 Gurgaon employing modern teaching methods will allow more interaction within the classroom. Students will be given the freedom to discuss subject topics with the teacher playing the moderator role. There will be scope for activities, questions will provoke answers, and connections will be made to real-life situations.

All ideas will get encouraged. Experimentation will be allowed. Learning will leave the typical textbook method and can go beyond to any extent. Smartboards will allow the use of the internet, media will replace text and the teachers will be adept to make learning fun. The central motive of the modern way of teaching is to accommodate all students, reach out to every child and make the classrooms highly engaging. Students are inspired to learn. Education is not a rule in school. And knowledge is consumed fueled by curiosity.

How does it stand out?

School education has slowly progressed to identify that one rule cannot work all. A class of thirty odd students is bound to have thirty different requirements and memorising and reciting cannot meet all. Traditional teaching methods reach out only to a few while the rest are required to fit in. Modern techniques brought about the much-needed overhaul. It modifies the conventional method to some extent, brings in application and experimentation, and caters to students with different needs of learning approach. There are lectures for the auditory learners, videos for the visual students and models for the kinesthetic ones.

Plus, modern teaching methods give the students a purpose for education. Children going to schools now know why they must learn a subject and what exactly is its application. Traditional techniques barely touched upon this issue and students were somewhat forced to sit on the train without knowing the destination. That resulted in more dropouts, lack of enthusiasm and falling of grades. With the purpose known, students willingly head towards schools, pick a subject early as a favourite and cultivate more to learn more. Every strategy of modern methods is backed by research. Hence, the evolution is naturally acceptable.

However, traditional cannot be entirely overlooked

The best school in Gurgaon for class 11 will recognise that total elimination is never the solution. A modern classroom is generally active, highly happening, and it can take a toll on the student’s minds. Just to steady the pace and allow the brain to refresh, the teacher might have to take full control periodically in the traditional way. There must still be room from blackboards, one-way discussions,and oral examinations. After all, these had their own benefits and sometimes, children do need a strict routine to set things in place.

Similarly, the appropriate alternative to marks-based examination is yet to find an application. But the top schools are modifying this approach by including more marking parameters in the gradation system. Class performance, engagement, extra-curricular activities and projects are all evaluating factors in the school’s examination system. Accepting the modern methods of teaching is a shift and never a jump. Schools must gradually integrate the current techniques without overlooking the advantages of traditional teaching methods.

Still, modern techniques are clear winners

As the pedagogy has shown definite results. There is no selection between traditional and modern approach. Only those schools in the list of senior secondary schools in Gurgaon who have made the shift even at primary levels must feature among your preferred institutes. Like the Alpine Convent School where every classroom applies modern teaching techniques. Be it intra-disciplinary approach or collaborative learning, integrated education or experimental, the school has facilities for all. The matter rests that schools must adapt modern methods. The world outside has become highly demanding, the classrooms have to keep up.

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