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Medical Support Solutions in Alpine

The infirmary is under the supervision of a Pediatrician. There are regular check-ups for the students and staff, as well as vaccinations of the canteen personnel and records are kept meticulously for all the work done.

Medical Support Solutions in Alpine 4

The centrally air-conditioned building has provision for 5 beds. During school hours, as well as after school, for special children or for sports or for those who stay back, there is a nurse in attendance. The special children are provided with supplements and routine check-ups for them are also done. The infirmary is used to tackling emergency situations

like fainting, epilepsy, asthma attacks, hyperventilation attacks, cuts and wounds, as well as fractures. First aid workshops are held for staff and students. The infirmary is in charge of sending First aid kits on school outings. Oxygen cylinders as well as nebulizers are available round the clock. There are stretchers and a wheel chair in times of need

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