Marks vs Abilities – Which One should Decide a Student’s Performance?

The past couple of decades has brought about a radical change is every sphere that has almost forced us to change our views towards education. The conventional career options are slowly moving towards automation while the unconventional ones are rising in popularity. Students now are not crippled by fear in pursuing music as a career as both the opportunities and scope have improved. All sectors are seeing competition, but this is making people work harder for their passion and follow what they want. And among all these, somehow there’s a rising doubt towards the validity of examinations and grades that we still follow and talks are afloat whether its time to rethink the way the system works.

Marks or abilities? Examinations or projects? Theoretical learning or more practical? The benchmark of performance has risen so high that mediocre is no more an option. While it is vital to score well in examinations but time and again, many have shown that you can rise to the pinnacle of success without high grades backing you. The question we should really ask is, should marks be the sole factor of determining intelligence? Or should we also take in other parameters?

How important are exam marks in the current age?

The number of exams that a student has to face in his/her entire life has definitely increased. There are the obvious annual exams in school, the boards, the occasional class tests and currently, even jobs require students to sit for multiple phases of examinations. Marks, after all, are the only way to quantify knowledge, to judge how well the student has consumed information and how good he/she is in its application. Exams keep students at their toes and marks helps with the evaluation.

But overburdening students with exams is something top schools in Sector 50 Gurgaon will never do. The aversion towards examinations and the system of marks come in when this becomes the sole determining factor. A student who is good at sports may fall a little behind in mathematics and if marks are used to test this student’s abilities, this is where the entire system crumbles. Exams and marks are a good filtering process and encourage students to complete their basic education, but they cannot have the sole authority during evaluation.

Then a student’s abilities should become the determining factor?

Which did make sense in the last example of the sport enthusiastic student. But he/she is given too much of a slack with the mathematics grade just because he/she is great in soccer, the student will fail everywhere in life. Education is not only about settling a student’s career but also about teaching him/her life lessons. Be it science or history, literature or robotics, every subject contributes to building rationality among students and develop their reasoning skills. The soccer star should be able to add up his/her paycheck and evaluate an offer and this cannot happen without mathematics.

Eliminating exams completely from a student’s curriculum just because he/she excels in some non-academic ability will force education to take a backseat. The best schools in Gurgaon Sector 56 will nurture everything in a student. A budding musician will have her equipment to compose new tunes and a future scientist will have a rich library to feed his curiosity. There will be all kind of options in the best institute but everyone should pass each grade and with the minimum qualifying marks. This will ensure that the musician and the soccer star know their subjects as well and can survive the world that isn’t their profession.

So, both marks and abilities should win?

Yes, as both are necessary for a complete education. Focusing only on marks make students lose the opportunity to learn other skills. Then again, too much concentration on non-academic abilities will harm the ability to study and consume knowledge. On top of this, in some spheres, exams are evident and students cannot bypass it anyhow. But the system in which students are being tested are changing, questions are slowly becoming aptitude based and subject knowledge are evaluated via multiple choices. These give room for the abilities side of the debate to gain some ground and all students have a fair shot.

Alpine Convent School, the best IGCSE school in Sector 67 Gurgaon, is one such institute whose very foundation is based on giving students what they excel in without compromising on others. The school has numerous facilities with a variety of options for all kind of students and the management makes sure that education never falls behind. Marks are given importance, but they do not dominate while evaluation. It is only in such schools that students can really reach their true potential and break boundaries of every form. So, let’s end the debate as to who should win, marks or abilities? The best education combines the best of both worlds.

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