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Making the Internet Safe for Students: School’s Roles Amidst Rising Concerns

The benefits of integrating technology in education also bring along the associated demons. With classes becoming smart and libraries providing net access, students are now being exposed to the world of the internet from an age when they are still incapable of making any decisions. Not all information can help in education and not all sites are meant to be viewed. Then again, we cannot keep the internet out of the students’ lives as the innumerable resources there allow dynamic and fast learning which can benefit the young minds in unimaginableways.

Hence, amidst this constant tussle between the good and the bad, we must find ways to protect the students from the lingering dangers of the internet without restricting the benefits to pass through. Schools play a vital role to ensure safety and spread the necessary awareness, and there are numerous (and effective) ways in which they can do the same.

Invest properly in cyber-security

Blocking harmful websites may not be a full-proof solution but it is definitely the first step. There are programs that can filter out sites not meant for children below a certain age and even limit access to social media websites. The best school in the list of convent school in Gurgaon will always have the top software installed that will allow only the educational websites to open through the school’s server. Even ad blockers must be in place to prevent unnecessary clicks or viewing distracting content.

Prior review of websites to be used in class

Teachers must scan the websites and media files they intend to use in class well before the actual lessons. This will help to maintain the class etiquettes and prevent any unintentional exposure to harmful content. There are many websites that have ways to evade a blocking software. Reviewing a website manually will safeguard students from all such anomalies. Keeping a bookmark on safe sites is often the right approach to stay within the safe zone or sticking to a few well-known websites may also help.

Awareness sessions for students

Even with the above two safety measures in place, students may still be exposed to the darker side of the internet when not in the school’s perimeter. To safeguard against this, schools must conduct awareness sessions for students of all age groups and make them understand the possible avenues from where threats can arrive. Only by recognising an incident can a child stay away from it and being upfront about the truth is the accurate way to approach. Teachers may take up the supervisory role or the schools can bring in guests to coach the students.

Present real-life case studies

Along with stating the facts outright in the awareness sessions, the best primary school in Gurgaon also helps students to identify the real-life scenarios that actually happen and asks them about their opinion. For instance, there can be a session where the teacher explains a situation in which a student is contacted by a stranger over social media with a thorough description of the profile and let the children analyse what’s right and wrong. This will encourage a discussion.The teacher can listen to all prevailing perspectives and show everyone the right path.

Actively involve the parents

The top school in the list of senior secondary schools in Gurgaon will always involve the parents in their endeavour to spread internet awareness irrespective of the student’s age. Parents share a whole new level of intimate relationship with their child which often paves the way for comfortable communication. By making the parents aware of the possible dangers and helping them with guidelines to monitor the children, the schools can successfully fulfil their responsibility of keeping their student’s safe.

Lastly, informing against a wrong practice

And there may also be a situation where instead of protection from the internet, students will need protection against themselves. This is often the case in cyberbullying where a friendly fun turns into something big just because the group of students couldn’t understand where to draw the line. Even spreading fake news or creating one themselves or instigating others to take part in something harmful, all these can give rise to nuisances that are self-created. Informing the students about the wrong-doings and their subsequent consequences will prevent such issues from happening.

The schools must act

As education encompasses all aspects of a student’s life. Institutes like the Alpine Convent School take cybersecurity seriously and ensure that all steps are taken to provide maximum safety. There are awareness classes for students, meaningful interactions with parents and even counselling sessions to tend to individual needs. The school which brings in technology holds the responsibility to keep the internet environment safe for the children. Alpine is doing that job perfectly.

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