Knowledge-based vs Skill-based Education – The Important One

Knowledge is the information that we store in our minds while skill is what we apply using that information. When the debate between knowledge-based education and skill-based education is put on the table and we are told to pick a side, the choice is really between having a chair without the seat or the legs. The top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon will never prioritise one over the other no matter what the modern society demands and education here will run both simultaneously at equal speeds. Only those students fare well in their lives who have a solid foundation of knowledge upon which they can grow their skills.

The importance of knowledge

Although many argue about the necessity of all that knowledge, true skill cannot come in the absence of it. Every subject is designed to build a particular connection in the young minds that is sure to serve some purpose in the student’s life. It may seem that mathematics is irrelevant to a budding doctor or science is unnecessary to a historian, but the information that the subjects bring along come to use in some form, often unperceivable at the present, but necessary in the future.

Continuing with the argument, the doctor will never be able to achieve financial intelligence without the basics of mathematics. The historian will never be able to logically analyse situations without scientific backing. Both financial and logical awareness is ultimately skills that the students of the individual professions derived from completely unrelated subjects which stemmed from the basic information that they fortunately had. By knowledge-based education, it does not mean that schools will have to make their students experts in every available subject. It merely means giving the children the basic foundation which they can use.

The shift to skills

The current call-out to skilled-based education comes from the age-long focus solely on knowledge and grades. The modern society is moving on from subject experts with zero skills. The best IGCSE school in Gurgaon has already made this necessary shift where skills also come in focus along with knowledge consumption and students here learn to apply their education to life situations. Lessons are no more taught for the sake of it. Students understand their necessity.There is always a need to know and subjects are designed to feed and spur curiosity rather than being spoon-fed.

On top of these, modern schools are also including extra-curricular activities as a necessary part of their curriculum wherein building on skills is always the primary focus. There are personality development workshops, counsellors to guide students and excursions to teach life-skills that cannot be imparted in classrooms. Skill development happens in schools now and this run alongside knowledge-based education. The top schools have turned down the knowledge side a notch, shifted the focus to skills more and overall growth always forms the core of their curriculum.

The art of balance

Any of the top institutes in the list of CBSE schools in Gurgaon will identify that both are required, both are necessary. Skills cannot come without proper knowledge and information without application is after all a waste. Schools need to guide their students precisely to create the perfect mix of both where the knowledge consumed must complement the skill developed. Just as anatomy helps the doctor to become a professional and history aids the future historian. When maintained in the right balance, knowledge and skills work together to take a student forward in life and keep him/her on the track to success.

Then again, while playing the balancing act, schools must also keep in mind the modern dynamics of the outside world. In this age of internet and easy availability of resources, knowledge often comes easily without the associated skills. It may so happen that schools will have to tilt the beam of the skill side more depending on the overall knowledge of the class and focus on the area that lacks the expertise. In other words, even the conclusion of balancing knowledge-based and skill-based education is not stringent. The system in place must be adaptable, modifiable and dynamic depending on the situation at hand.

There is no debate

And both must co-exist with room for change. The curriculum of Alpine Convent School follows the perfect structure where no one side overshadows the other. The school maintains that knowledge is important for growth concurrently respecting the fact that skills ultimately decides a student’s success rate. The entire faculty and management team works towards creating a picture-perfect pyramid for their students where knowledge forms the broader base upon which the skills rest. In such schools, there is indeed no debate between knowledge-based and skill-based education. One always aids the other.

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