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Is Your Child’s Learning Focused? Is He/She Getting Individual Attention?

As parents, you do understand the need for focussed learning, where your child gets individual attention from teachers and the lesson is prepared as per the consumption capacity of the student. Time and again, numerous researches have shown that when a student receives individual attention in the classroom, his/her educational performance increases, the child’s curiosity is triggered and naturally, the knowledge retained is far superior as compared to an average classroom. Thus, the best school in Gurgaon will always have individual attention as part of their regular curricula as its absence is never an option.

However, individual attention or focussed learning always does not mean a one-to-one session with the specific subject teachers. Schools employ a variety of strategies to include the technique in their classrooms. At times, the simplest of gestures from the teacher can also foster individual learning and benefit the student in the same way as an interactive session but they are easy to overlook sitting on the outside as parents.

So, in order to understand whether your child is receiving individual attention and whether his/her learning is focussed or not, check for the following parameters in your child’s classroom and educational approach. Apart from one-to-one interaction, you will also find:

  1. Effective grouping and teamwork

The classrooms of the best schools in Gurgaon Sector 50 will group your child based on his/her strengths and weaknesses. Be it in the classroom’s seating arrangement or while working in a project, your child will always be placed with that student whose skills will complement your child and vice-versa. So, if your child is a great listener and can learn easily from the teacher’s lectures, individual attention here would mean that the teacher will recognise this skill of your child, place him/her with a student who is a visual learner so that both the students can help each other while learning.

  1. Balanced inclusion of projects and labs

Application-based learning model sets the groundwork more individual attention. When the students are allowed to take their theoretical subjects to laboratories, it gives the teachers more freedom to move around and observe the children’s performances. Inquire from your child how many labs he/she has to attend and find out if that is balanced with classroom learning. In laboratories, the teachers can take their time to attend to a few students per session while giving others the space to explore. This loop can continue until every student gets their deserved attention.

  1. Displaying the student’s work in class

Whenever a child’s work is published somewhere for the whole classroom or the school to see, understand that the teacher has gone through every assignment that was set and has picked the best for a reason. If your child’s work is picked or comes with comments from the teacher as to what all can be done to improve or how commendable the essay was, that in itself is individual attention. You can expect meaningful conversations during parent-teachers meetings, help in case your child’s grades start falling and even subject selection based on the student’s preferences for the teacher noticed your child while publishing his/her work.

  1. Space for technology in classrooms

The institutes in the list of best schools in Gurgaon focused on giving their students individual attention will first have space for the inclusion of technology in their classrooms. Such schools understand the complexity of a classroom, the varying learning needs and how technology can cater to all in a minimum timespan. A video playing in a projector can reach out to both visual and auditory learners. A 3D model being displayed with the help of animation can excite the kinaesthetic ones. With the technology available, students can indulge in their own preferred style and do not have to adapt to any single method. If this is not individual attention, then what is?

Along with the above four, of course, there will be remedial classes, encouragement from the school to take part in activities and the much-needed interactive sessions that work to escalate your child’s educational journey. Individual attention is a combination of all these. The top schools like the Alpine Convent School mix and matches these techniques to provide only the best for your child and learning is always focussed even when a group is involved. The institution’s educational philosophy has individual attention mentioned as an essential part of the school’s pedagogy and the entire Alpine faculty diligently stand by it. So, keep your tabs as parents, find out if your child is receiving focussed learning. It cannot go missing in today’s age as your child’s education will take a hit if it does.

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