How to Study for Long Hours and Increase your Productivity

No matter how much you plan ahead or whatever be your preparation level, there will always come a time when you will have to put in more hours of studying than usual and want to do it with full concentration. It can be before the exams or to feed your ambition to perform better, investing a bit more time into academics will definitely reap benefits and every student must push themselves for a few extra hours. But the lingering question remains, how do you do it without losing productivity? How can you study for long hours and retain everything that you learn?

The answer lies in the daily academic structure that the top 20 schools in Gurgaon follow which help their students to maintain a high concentration level throughout the day. You can take cues from such schools, apply it to your own schedule and follow the routine to boost your productivity. To put in those extra study-hours, consider following these methods:

  1. Tackle the difficult subject at the start of the day

If you look into the routine of any of the top schools for the day, you will always find the complicated subjects are slotted for the beginning. The main reason for following this method is to learn what’s difficult when your mind is the freshest. As the day progresses, you will naturally lose both your mental and physical energy and tackling a subject like mathematics then will seem tedious. You will lose your enthusiasm and give up entirely.

Follow something similar in your studying hours as well. Leave the daily chores like making notes or cleaning up your desk for later in the day. Sit down with the subject that haunts you the most at the start of the day and slowly move on to the easier ones. This will help you to study for longer hours without losing concentration.

  1. Put in a regular dose of exercise

The top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon have physical exercise included in their daily curriculum. Time and again, studies have shown that regular exercise increases metabolism and enhances the cognitive functioning of the brain. In short, putting a healthy dose of activity will help you to stay alert, take away your drowsiness and enable you to focus better.

This is the very reason why students from schools with regular PE classes perform better. Consider taking a brisk walk to start your day or a solid thirty minutes of cardio. This will release all the stored glucose into your body which will feed the brain to keep you going. You will notice the stark difference in your concentration and study better.

  1. Study during the day and sleep at night

More and more students are now inclined to put in more hours during the night and, as a consequence, wake up all tired and disoriented in the morning. Our body is programmed to work during sunlight and rest at sundown. All our physical systems slow down as night approaches and we naturally cannot maintain a high level of focus that late.

Here again, if you look at the top schools, they start quite early in the morning and wrap up before sundown. You will study best when you are meant to and changing that cycle is not always the best decision. This way, you will stay healthy as well which will further boost your productive hours and enable you to study more. So, go to bed at an appropriate time, put in 8 hours of solid sleep and wake up with the sun.

  1. Take periodic breaks to refresh your mind

No one can study continuously for ten hours a day. Studies show that a human brain is capable of maintaining a nonstop focus for up to one and a half hours after which it is bound to fail. The number varies from person to person and you must know your limit. In order to put in the extra hours of studying, make sure you take periodic breaks in between your subjects.

The top schools also follow a similar routine. The next subject teacher does not come in immediately after the previous is over. You also get sessions of extra-curricular activities to freshen your mind and get back to studying again. Listen to music, stare out of the window or talk to someone, do anything apart from studying and it will help you to continue for longer hours.

These are how Alpine Convent School, one of the top schools in Sector 5 Gurgaon, maintains long and productive hours among its students. Just like schooling in such schools are never tedious, your long study hours shouldn’t be as well. You do not have to cut down on your sleep to study more. That’s a notion of the past. Find out what works for you, change a few habits and be more productive than you have been ever before.

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