How to Help Your Child to Write Great Answers?

There might be multiple reasons for your child’s falling grades but often the simplest of the lot tends to miss your attention. The basic requirement of all exams is that the student expresses herself properly. Write answers in exactly the way the question demands and not go astray while explaining. And more often than not, this simple ingredient works to pull down a student’s performance. She might be ready with all the required knowledge, but her mere incapability of penning down her thoughts results in a grade that does not justify her talents.

Thus, from the very beginning, the top 5 schools in Gurgaon lay primary importance on their students’ writing skills. The institutes help the children to pick up tactics to write excellent answers which will properly depict their knowledge level and fetch them the marks they truly deserve. And when you, as a parent, pitch in with your efforts to help your child in the skill-building phase, the growth is faster and the outcome is better. For that very reason, here are a few ways in which you can help the student at home to write great answers every time.

  1. Help your child to understand the question first

The finest trick to writing a great answer is to properly understand the question first. Being in a time limit, students tend to hurry in finishing their paper and often skip this vital step of reading the question properly. At home, sit with your child, turn to the exercise questions section of the textbook and ask her to explain the underlying meaning of any random question mentioned here. This routine will grow into a habit and your child will naturally read to understand a question first before answering.

  1. Pinpoint her strengths and weaknesses

Even in the answer sheets, students tend to display a series of strengths and weaknesses during the entire process. A simple exampleis the subject of mathematics. One student may be efficient with mental calculations while the other may falter during the stress of the exam. The second student should refrain from skipping steps and it is your responsibility to show your child the weaknesses she possesses. Teach her that her strength does not lie in equating fast but in visualising the problem and heading in the right direction.

  1. Bullets and pointers score high

The teachers of the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon always focus on the importance of writing precise answers, irrespective of the subject at hand. And a great wat to achieve that is to include bullets and pointers in the answers to make it readable and organised. When your child is sitting with her homework, encourage her to practice writing answers in this specific format. Show her to avoid including unnecessary points and stick only to what is necessary. Convert this into a habit in the time leading up to the exams.

  1. Examples are always preferable

Not every question requires an elaborate description. Some answers can come in the form of real-life examples. In fact, examiners encourage the use of examples as that goes on to show that the student really understands the matter and is capable of connecting it to her surroundings. Assist your child to see the meaning of every subject. Ask her for examples around your home or neighbourhood to detect if she can apply her knowledge to the practical world. Once she learns in this fashion, she will replicate the manner in her answer sheets and certainly go on to score high.

  1. Sit with teachers to improve your techniques

You can only provide adequate guidance when you know that your teaching techniques are in sync with the school’s or board’s requirements. Take some time in the parent-teacher’s meeting to discuss how can you help your child to better answers, the steps you need to take or the ambiance you should be creating at home. Learn the essentials from your child’s teacher and play your part well to help the student. The school will already be working to improve your child’s writing skills. By defining your own roles, your work as a catalyst.

Alpine Convent School, the best CBSE school in Sector 38 Gurgaon, always looks to completely involve its parents in the process of student development. And the same applies to assist the children is getting the basic necessity of scoring high in exams right. At Alpine, you get complete guidance to take your child forward. You can consult and apply and work with the teachers to enhance your child’s education. Do your bit right. Allow your child’s home-life to complement the school. Then see how high your child rises in her education.

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