How to Deal with Exam Anxiety? Top 6 Tips

Everything seems to fall apart as the exams arrive. You lose the desire to eat. No amount of time seems enough to study. Focusing becomes a chore and the slightest of instances ticks you off. All these are common symptoms of exam anxiety which happens if you have invested too many expectations on your upcoming tests or do not have enough time to complete all the subjects. The end result is not pretty. Your mind goes blank right in the exam hall, you feel nauseous and naturally, cannot perform to your full potential.

But there are no retakes with exams. Thus, the best thing to do as your exams approach is to control your test anxiety. Prevent your mind from creating unnecessary fears and to keep you calm. And how can you do all that? Here are 7 ways for you.

  1. Manage your expectations

You are either trying to perform exceptionally well or you are scared that you do not have enough time. This is where the best school in the list of international schools in Gurgaon always teaches you to manage your expectations. Consider the parameters like how much marks you need, the time you have left, your strengths and weaknesses, and then decide how well can you perform. Having inhuman expectations from yourself will throw your mind into unnecessary stress.

  1. Develop a calming schedule

Identify when the exam anxiety is finding you. At such instances, follow a particular schedule that will help you to calm down. Maybe close your eyes or focus on your breathing. Or recalling a happy memory that was truly exciting. When this becomes a habit, you will instantly calm down when anxiety hits and can keep your composure. Decide what works best for you and build that. Talking a walk is also suggested but you cannot do that during your exam, so a schedule that involves indoor activities will help.

  1. Eat healthily and properly

Unhealthy eating habits can instantaneously trigger stress which can lead to even more unhealthy eating. It thus becomes an unending loop. The churn that you feel in your stomach during your exam may just be a physical symptom but your brain interprets it as tension and creates anxiety. So, keep your diet restricted to food that can be properly digested, have plenty of water and avoid snacking while studying. Eating healthy can keep your exams stress at bay.

  1. Avoid last-minute activities

Any good school in the list of senior secondary schools in Gurgaon will always advise you not to leave anything for the last minute. Be it preparing for your exams or arriving at the hall. Time crunch throws you into a hyperactive mode that builds up stress naturally. Until the work gets done, you remain in that mode and take some time to become normal. So, if you arrive late, your calming down process will creep into your exam timings and focus is the last thing you will have.

  1. Stay away from stress-inducing friends

Exam stress is contagious. If you find a friend stressing about his exam preparation, you also tend to doubt yours. The best method is to avoid as much contact as possible with your peers as exam anxiety can really get transferred from someone else onto you. Reduce your group study sessions, compare yourself with you. Stay within your manageable limits and do your best. You really do not want to contract the unnecessary fears of others to find you and throw off your performance.

  1. Accept a few failures

When you know that some amount is bad is inevitable, you tend to stay calmer. For instance, you cannot answer each and every question on the paper. Neither can you complete the entire syllabus and know all the topics by heart. Not that these are impossible to achieve, but if you cannot manage any of these, there is really no point in losing your mind. Accept these as your human limit, focus on what you have prepared. Play to your strengths and answer as much as you can.

The top 10 schools in Gurgaon are never about your performance. It is always about learning. And that is why schools like the Alpine Convent School helps you to deal with exam anxiety and focus on keeping your uniqueness intact. Alpine students are guided, monitored and mentored. At no point, do they lose their concentration? So, tackle your exams like the way they are, periodic assessments of your knowledge, and ace every session that comes your way. Begin planning and working from the word go and you shall do just fine.

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