How Technically Advanced is Your Child’s School Regarding Safety?

How Technically Advanced is Your Child’s School Regarding Safety?

Modern schools are sprawled over immense areas as the current academic needs demand nothing less. There were times when any building with a few classrooms could be called schools. But now, educational institutions must house laboratories, libraries, sports centres, auditoriums, expansive corridors, cafeterias, and much more. Although this expansion of physical space in schools has elevated the level of education, the enormity of school campuses also brings in that many possibilities of security threats. Manually, it is impossible to guard all the corners. And this is where the infusion of technology becomes so crucial in safeguarding the students in schools.

When safety equipment specifically designed for schools are available, no management really has any excuse of not using them. Students cannot learn in an unsafe environment and schools cannot secure their campuses by only employing age-old techniques. Thus, before enrolling your child into any school at any stage, be sure to check that the institution is technically advanced, especially in safety.

CCTV cameras are a basic requirement

The simplest of school safety gear must include the use of CCTV cameras strategically placed to minimise camera blind spots. And the monitors receiving the feed from these must be manned at all times when the school is operating. Cameras can not only record and store information, but they can also provide live feed. These are excellent ways to keep a watchful eye over the entire campus and observe the movement of every staff. Even strangers can be kept away from the school with the help of CCTV cameras and people will never trespass in an area that is under constant surveillance.

Automatic alarm systems should come next

The best school in Sector 67 Gurgaon will never merely depend on fire extinguishers as a fire hazard precautionary measure. Along with it, the institute will also have a smoke detection system with automatic alarms and sprinklers to douse any sort of fire almost instantly. Traditional fire extinguishers depend on humans for fire detection and on a large campus, a small fire in any corner can easily go unnoticed. But automatic alarm systems are equipped to detect even the smallest instances of smoke and set the sprinklers off. As evident, this system makes the safety of the school building more full-proof.

A full-equipped infirmary is crucial

Safety and security are not only about forecasting and prevention. They are also about taking appropriate measures in case unforeseen happens. A fully-equipped infirmary is thus primary in schools where a certified doctor and/or nurse should always be present. The basic facilities like a few beds, first aid provisions, oxygen cylinders, and more should be available. Simultaneously, the top schools in Gurgaon also maintain their own ambulance service should the infirmary’s resources are unable to take care of the situation and the ailing student immediately requires a transfer to a hospital. This installation creates an ambiance where students feel safe health-wise. And it also gives parents a sense of security.

GPS tracking in school buses without fail

GPS has become such a common technology that schools can install them in their buses by hardly undergoing any hassle. A simple smartphone with the driver or the bus supervisor can act as a GPS device through which both the school and the parent can track the bus’s movements. School buses are the school’s property and even when the students are not actually on the campus, their security is the school’s responsibility. With GPS technology, schools can monitor their students live even when they are out of the school premises. Any discrepancy will immediately feature in the feed and the diverted bus can be detected through GPS in no time.

RFID attendance system should replace the traditional system

The conventional roll-calling attendance system may be famous but it has that many loopholes. Proxy attendance is the most common fallacy closely followed by the unawareness of the parents about their children’s whereabouts after they got up on the bus. The RFID attendance system is fully automated. It requires students to carry an ID card with a unique bar code that is read by an RFID device. When punched, the student’s attendance is immediately recorded in the system and parents can get instant notification that their children have entered the building. Any absence and the school will know in no time as all of it will be a matter of a simple computer search.

Safety technology-wise, the Alpine Convent School features right at the top in the list of a convent schools in Gurgaon as the institute has all the above technical security installations in their premises. Alpine has invested heavily in technology to aid the human security personnel so that every corner of the school has air-tight security. Threats go unnoticed. Accidents happen without warnings. But a prepared school is the one that identifies its human restrictions and addresses them with premier technology.

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