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How Can Teachers Help Students to Fight Exam Anxiety?

Exam anxiety is very real. Child psychologists term it as another type of performance anxiety. It grips students of all capabilities and creates effects of varying kinds. A high-performing student who has continuously returned with good grades may fall victim to exam anxiety owing to her expectations to continue her good results. An average student may suffer from exam anxiety because he wants to perform better and break his unsatisfactory record. The symptoms are similar in both cases – loss of appetite and sleep, nausea and chronic fatigue, headache and restlessness, and so on. During such circumstances, the onus falls on the adults around to step in and take control of the situation as uncontrolled exam anxiety can spiral into crippling effects which can bring down the student’s true potential.

In the good CBSE schools in Gurgaon, teachers take the initiative to hit exam anxiety at its core. All year long, they put in efforts to equip students with the weapons to keep anxiety at bay and rope in the parents as well to create all-around guidance. Simple steps go a long way to help students manage exams better and not convert the process into something impossible that is too overwhelming to overcome. Teachers always play a vital role in assisting students to combat exam anxiety and they generally do it in the following ways.

Teach exam-taking tricks in class

One of the main motives of learning subjects in the classrooms is to ultimately take exams in those specific topics. Thus, it does make sense if the teachers utilise this opportunity to show students quick tricks to solve a question in the upcoming exams and share a thought as to which topics are likely to get more priority in the papers. This way, a lot of stress in taken off and students feel that have something to move forward with and feel confident about being able to solve questions better. Tips like how to write concise answers or how to solve a numerical problem faster can go a long way to help students.

Talk it out with students

In the top schools in Gurgaon Sector 50, teachers share a rapport with their students where communication is free-flowing. Teachers here can actually sit with students to talk about their exam anxieties and find out the root causes. Teachers are indeed best placed to understand a student’s educational needs and expectations and help them to bring down the fears a notch. A student will feel assured if he/she hears from the teacher that one bad grade is not the end of the world. With proper communication, teachers can pinpoint the exact causes of anxiety and assist students to keep them aside as the exams approach.

Help students create a study plan

When under extreme stress, everything tends to fall apart. The high-performing student feels that she needs to revise more and more as she can forget her topics when it will matter the most. The average student will feel that he is not prepared enough. These are mere manifestations of the anxious mind and teachers can come in here to help formulate a study plan. The performing student needs to focus on rest and relaxation more with periodic revisions. The average student requires study-blocks to effectively fit in all his subjects. Such a level of planning needs adult supervision and teachers can really help here.

Enable preparation in the classroom

Teachers also have the option to start the exam preparations right in the classroom. A subject’s lesson can start with a brief summary of the topics taught in the previous class and a student can do the narration. This will compel the students to come prepared and exam preparation will remain on track. In another approach, periodic oral examinations or subject quizzes are good revision techniques where students can actually learn through class involvement. Both types of students, the performing and the average, can benefit from this technique in their own ways and be prepared when the date of the exam actually draws near.

And then there can be remedial classes or counselling sessions, personalised assignments, and project-based learning. The teachers of the best schools in Delhi ranking never leave any stones unturned to prepare their students well for their exams and try to make the process fun rather than pressurising. Alpine Convent School fits into that list where the teachers are vigilant to provide every form of guidance to their students to excel in their exams. Education is never a bother in Alpine. There is no room for stress. Help is always at hands for the students where the teachers take the responsibility to see their students perform to their full potential.

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