How Can Parents Help with their Child’s Homework?

How can parents

The perfect answer to the question as to how to help your child with his/her homework is still a series of obscure statements. As well-wishers of the student, we all know and acknowledge that the parent’s involvement actually helps the child to move forward with his/her education and even outperform the student who has to work solo. But too much involvement can backfire as the child may very well end up with anxieties and under-confidence with the constant pressure to impress his/her overseeing parent. In the worst case, many parents confuse help with actually doing the homework for their child which naturally leads to zero knowledge consumption for the student concerned.

So, what are the perfect ways to be involved with your child’s homework? What do the teachers of the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon advice and expect? The following methods can be effective for all students of any age and also enable you to draw a line between guiding and doing the work for your child.

  1. Only step in when your child needs you

Define the word involvement properly in your mind. It does not mean that you will have to be continuously available right beside your child and stare down at what he/she is doing the entire time. Instead, form the mentality that you will only step in when your child needs help. Make it clear with the student as well that you are right there to guide in case, he/she is stuck somewhere. Stay in the vicinity of your child’s homework desk. Complete a few of your own work if required. But avoid the urge for constant supervision.

  1. Resist achieving perfection in your child’s homework

The top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon often assign grades to home assignments as a method of inculcating the habit of completing the set task. This often prompts parents to do the work for their child with the motive of achieving perfection and securing high grades. Take note here that teachers know your child’s abilities. They can differentiate the task done by you from your child. Plus, achieving perfection is never the ultimate goal of home assignments. The student must learn the intended subject from the task and that should be your purpose of helping your child as well.

  1. Set up the right homework ambiance

Young children will often not know where and how to study effectively. They will need your help to find the right spot and identify the perfect ambiance. Sit with your child and discuss productivity. Show him/her how the task can be completed faster by sitting with it at his/her study table than the couch in front of the television. Also, modify your family habits around his/her homework schedule to stay away from distracting your child from the work at hand. Such nuances also come under the umbrella of involvement where you are helping your child to become more efficient with his/her homework.

  1. Schedule your child’s daily routine

Parents often find themselves in front of a complaining student who regularly finds out some excuse for not doing their homework. After work, it may also be exhausting for the parents to lecture or motivate such a child to sit down with the important task. Avoid such instances on all counts. Do not give your child any scope to throw tantrums around his/her homework. Teach the student the essence of regularising work and help him/her to set a particular time to sit with all the assignments. Tell him/her that no excuse will work during that time and do not entertain any complaints.

  1. Plan the homework with your child

Another major reason why students miss out on completing their homework is due to the absence of proper planning. Parents will often notice their children leaving everything for the last moment only to become overwhelmed then and missing out on work. Step in here and help your child with planning. Print out a calendar or a timetable and guide your child to effectively schedule his/her work for the entire week as per the given deadlines. The teachers of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon will always stress the importance of teaching time management skills to your child. It can really be his/her life-saver.

The Alpine Convent School is proactive about helping their students and parents to draw out the maximum benefits from the set homework. The faculty is readily available with their guidance. You can always have an open discussion regarding your methods with the school experts. Alpine works with you as a team to take your child’s education forward and respects your involvement in the right manner. Acknowledge the extent and limits of your contribution to your child’s homework. Complement, guide, and mentor the student.

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