Home-School Partnerships: How to Build a Strong One?

Involvement of parents in their children’s education is known to create better development. While it is accepted that parents will try to pitch in when the students are young, the frequency gradually decreases as the children become older. But many worldwide surveys have concluded that the scenario should not be such. When parents make themselves available, despite their children’s age, students feel driven to spend more time with their books and perform beyond their limitations. Thus, the fact that parent involvement is a necessity has no more ground of debate. The only question now remains, how can schools find a way to bring their parents into the educational mix.

The answer is never a simple one. The best school in sector 67 Gurgaon will recognise that their parents do not possess the expertise of educating children similar to their teachers as it is not the former’s daily job. Plus, both the parents and teachers, may look at an approach differently where the goal may be similar and thus an open channel of communication is vital. Only through a strong home-school partnership where both the involved parties work as a team to help the student can ensure a thriving educational environment and that must always be the guiding parameter.

So, how can schools form a strong bonding with their parents? Here are a few possible ways.

  1. Giving much importance to parent-teacher meetings

Parent-teacher meetings are sessions where everyone comes together with the common agenda to discuss. And hence, these cannot be places where one side arrives just for the sake of it. Teachers must research into the personal needs of the students and point out genuine concerns to the parents along with potential solutions. Similarly, parents have to take their doubts to the teachers and use the time to explore ways how they can help their children and complement the school’s methods. The outcome of the meeting has to be fulfilling to both sides, where both the parents and teachers must feel that they have a direction to help the student.

  1. Maintaining regular communication over technology

The parent-teacher meetings are generally a semi-annual thing. Some schools may call for it more frequently only when the need arises. But a strong bonding between the parents and the teachers cannot take shape if communication between them is only limited to only twice a year. Hence, good schools in the list of convent school in Gurgaon encourage their teachers to interact regularly with their parents over emails or messaging platforms so that both parties are always in the loop about the student’s life. The parents can report progress to the teachers while the teachers can pitch in with their expertise whenever required.

  1. Involving parents in school events

Not always the meeting between parents and teachers has to be official. At times, they can interact on a light note, in an environment that is more carnival-like, and the topics can be such where they lightly touch the subjects of student development. Allowing teachers and parents to interact in a social setting helps to build a strong bond among them. And this can be achieved by schools by inviting parents to their events. Science exhibitions, music or dance concerts, sports events or award ceremonies, each occasion will present a different setting for the parents to discuss different issues and a healthy dialogue can take place in every such event.

  1. Sending daily updates through a systematic method

And even if parents and teachers cannot engage daily to discuss regular matters, the top school in the all school list in Gurgaon will have a way to update the parents but their children’s behaviour and performance in the school on a day-to-day basis. Simple rules like signing an answer sheet or the report card, looking into the homework list set from the school or parents writing the reason for the child being late to school keeps them involved in the school’s daily setting. Teachers can give their inputs in the answer sheets or report cards, and parents can interact with them while signing. Every drop count while building a strong relationship and the good schools will know that.

Alpine Convent School is one such institute who values their teacher-parent relationship and provides it with the importance it deserves. The school employs all known tactics to maintain an unhindered avenue for both the caretakers to interact as and when necessary so that students stand to benefit from the communication always. As parents, you have the primary right to be involved in your children’s interests and certainly, you cannot be kept out of the loop when it comes to their education. The best schools will guarantee your involvement and the result will be visible in your child’s performance.

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