Good Grades vs Subject Content: Which is More Important?

Good Grades vs Subject Content: Which is More Important?

The 21st-century education system has evolved in several ways. On one hand, the traditional methods are getting obsolete and on the other hand, competition among students is increasing. While healthy competition between learners is always encouraged by the teachers and mentors, attaching prime importance to grades may affect the learning process in a negative way. Exams are held by schools to check the progress made by students in a particular subject. The subject content is also equally important for the students to comprehend in this case.

The Grading System

There are plenty of reasons why grades are considered harmful or not suitable for the current education system. One of them is the increasing unhealthy competitive spirit accompanied by hostility in children. The pressure remains too high to score well at any cost, even if it means adopting unfair policies. In that case, learning or the subject matter does not remain important anymore to the students. The only thing that they focus on is getting good grades. While it is not encouraged at all by the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon or other regions, it is also not suggested to eradicate the grading system completely. The original reason grades were introduced was to evaluate the students’ progress and performance as well as increasing productivity among them. It is true that the present world is competitive and no one wants to be left behind. Therefore, it is important to work hard and stay ahead.

21st-century education and its setbacks

One of the main fallacies of the present education system is that it stresses too much on grades and examinations while deviating from the main factor which is learning in a peaceful environment. There are many students in a class and not all are excelling in every subject. The suggested thing for the teacher to do in this case is understanding the problem and doubts of the student and try to incorporate an interesting angle within the subject so that the matter does not remain dull or boring anymore. As children, the behavior or treatment that they receive in the formative years is extremely important in shaping their nature.

Not only this but getting bad grades consistently over time in a particular subject can have a negative impact on the student. He/she can lose their confidence or worse, give up due to repetitive disappointments. That way, not only the student’s learning is compromised, in future also it can be difficult for him/her to understand the basics of the subject later on. Besides, sometimes students can also do poorly in a subject due to immense pressure or nervousness in spite of having a strong grasp on the subject.

Role of the teacher for an improved learning process

The teacher has an important role to play in addressing the student’s doubts and problems and provide solutions to them so that they learn the subject matter properly. There are a lot of subjects for which the basic is more important to apply in the future. It also helps to have a clear understanding of the thing. The job of mentors is to train and guide the students for the future. Their behavior and nature are also shaped in the early years. Breeding unhealthy competition among classmates while ignoring the main subject matter will not be of any good to the pupil. On the contrary, it might even affect the mental state of the student and instill permanent fear in their minds.

Effective communication is encouraged between teachers and students. This would lead to a healthy relationship where the problems of the latter can easily be understood and addressed. Students are supposed to learn from their teachers. Mentors from the best CBSE school in Sector 56 Gurgaon need to have a certain approach towards the students where trustworthy communication is built easily. It is also important for them to treat their failures carefully and help them try again. That way one can make sure that no permanent damage occurs to the student’s confidence.

The importance of the grading system is not denied here. Sure, grades are important for the future of the students. What one can do it to be attentive towards each student’s needs and try to simplify the lesson in such a way where the process of learning is made more interesting and yields productive results.

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