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Fair Play Trophy for 19th District Taekwondo Championship 2016


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Fitness Day

We know the benefits of regular exercise includes a healthier heart, increased well being, and a better quality of lif...

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Kite Making Day

The children enjoyed making their own kites. They used words such as; 'fly away', 'wind.' Enjoy making kites at school...

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Animal Yoga Day

Learning about animals around the world can come from discussions, reading books, conducting relative activities, and art projects for grownups. But for toddlers, it can be done by incorporating activities that include breathing and some physical activity like performing yoga postures, etc.

Starting with the activity, kids performed Animal yoga under the guidance of their respective class teachers and trainers. The idea was to enact and represent themselves as different animals. Children, very creatively showcased various characteristics that animals exhibit.

The objective behind conducting this activity was to refine balance and coordination, develop focus and concentration and strengthen the mind-body connection. It also helped our students in developing a sense of empathy towards animals, simulate their senses and enhance their knowledge of the animal kingdom.

As yoga postures emulates animal shapes, elements in nature, and other aspects of our surrounding world, children definitely learned the importance of being in natural surroundings and yoga in their life.