Communication in English and Why Students Need to Focus Heavily on it

Communication in English and Why Students Need to Focus Heavily on it

Mathematics, science, accounts, economics, history, and often literature, these subjects easily appear at a student’s preferred list since they normally transform into well-known professions later. Over the years, schools have also preached their importance in their students’ professional lives and parents also followed suit as a financially stable career is one of the ultimate goals of schooling. But times have changed now and competition has risen. While many students can reach a similar proficiency in science or economics, they can only stand out with their expertise in the language. The top 5 schools in Gurgaon thus focus heavily on communication skills and more often than not, English is the emphasis for obvious reasons.

Not that any other regional language holds any less importance, but English is still the preferred language for official communication. Especially in India where people speak multiple languages, the job world still depends on English to bridge that communication difference. Hence, maintaining respect for all languages worldwide, schools and students need to identify the influence of being fluent in English. And that is not limited to only written or verbal strength.

The global world demands English proficiency

The international world is an open trade market. Barring a few countries, most companies are headquartered at one location while they serve the people of the other. Many of the top names in the Indian market are not local companies and the main language of communication in all such multi-national brands is English. When students step into such a corporate environment, they can only shine with superior written, verbal, and reading skills in English. They will continuously have to collaborate with colleagues, often off-shore, who may or may not understand anything but English. As evident, focus on this language is required due to professional growth. And the teaching must start at the school level.

Vocabulary is given high value

This is again a result of improved awareness and higher competition. The internet has spread an understanding of English. Even if not with flawless fluency, many people manage to construct sentences in English. But where the students of the top 20 schools in Gurgaon can really stand out is with their trove of vocabulary and in the elite circles, this skill is given a high priority. In the field of research, for example, scientists are required to document their findings in English and poor vocabulary is often not considered at all. In the corporate world as well, an email written with rich words always makes a more convincing statement than a simple one. Vocabulary skills rest on the foundation of English fluency. The emphasis must begin with learning the language first, closely followed by the subsequent refinement.

Professional opportunities galore with English proficiency

Students who find interest in the language itself have more professional opportunities now than what was available two decades ago. And the pay scales and reputations are similar to any conventional careers that exist out there. Journalism for one has taken off with numerous avenues available. Social media also offers many employment possibilities for candidates with good language skills. And above all, English teachers are in high demand in countries where the language is still to mark its influence and people continue to seek jobs in developed countries where English is often the primary language. Thus, with focus on just this language, students can steer into so many career opportunities. It never harms anyone to have multiple doors open at the same time.

The top universities teach in English

After school, colleges and universities are the students’ next step, and almost all top higher education institutes use English as their mode of communication. The reason for this is that the US and the UK, both English speaking nations, were the first among all countries to invest in research and most of the top books and curriculum structures are penned down in English. For access to better resources, students need to have a good understanding of the language and should be able to decipher the meanings of complex books and research papers. And the preparation for such a future happens just right in the top 10 schools in Gurgaon. Unlike other languages, English literally takes a student’s life forward.

Due to these undeniable benefits of the English language, the Alpine Convent School prioritises the subject at every level. More classes are dedicated to this language, an entire laboratory exists for regular practice. Alpine students not only become expert speakers in English, but their auditory and vocabulary skills also develop at par. The current social and corporate structure requires English to be at the centre of all languages. Choose a school for your child who abides by this norm.

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