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Project Based Learning beneficial for a student’s academic growth
What are the advantages of Project Based Learning for student academic development? The old-school pattern of delivering education through the medium of textbooks has become traditional. Now, with the 21st-century education patterns, Project based learning for student is proving highly effective in terms of grooming students smarter. But, what exactly is Project based learning for...
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importance of choosing the right school
Choosing the right school for your child  Choosing the right school is indeed a stressful and difficult task as his/her future would depend on it. Currently, amidst the pandemic, it has become even harder. Now parents also need to check out the online educational facilities and safety measures implemented by the schools. However, once you...
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board exam delayed preparation
How to Make the Most of a Delay in Board Exams Delay in board exams might seem like more time is available for the pending exams but if not used strategically, the gap can become counterproductive. It is, after all, a break in your exam flow. You were already prepared to finish off your exams...
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5 Elements of a Digital Classroom
Top 5 Essential Elements of a Digital Classroom If you are asked to imagine the top 5 essential elements of a digital classroom, what would it look like? Maybe a space with modern design, a smartboard in place instead of the black one, individual chairs for students with headphone jacks, and a projector hanging from...
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