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A serious scholar is always keen to try all tricks and score higher than his or her peers. Wondering if putting in a few extra hours to your study schedule could work the magic? Of course, it is effective. However, mastering academics is more about the quality of studies and less about the hours of...
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CBSE – Is It The Best Board for the Country? CBSE, or the ‘Central Board for Secondary Education,’ is a preferred and recognized The Best board for the country. Some even describe CBSE as a nationalized education board featuring a comprehensive syllabus for the students. Are you wondering if CBSE is the right pick for...
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Important Life Skills To Teach Your Children Before They Leave Their Home
Important Life Skills to Teach Students   Key Learning 1. Time Management 2. Self-Care, Health, and Hygiene 3. Communication 4. Sprucing up a child’s critical thinking abilities   Does your child knows Important Life Skills to be independent enough to navigate through the hurdles of everyday life? He is only a little scholar now, and real-world struggles seem like...
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best schools in Gurgaon Sector 10,
While parenting is one of the best phases of a person’s life, it comes with plenty of responsibilities and a lot of decisions to make. One of them is choosing the best schools in Gurugram for your ward. A school is a place that can mold your child both academically and individually. Therefore, the gravity...
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Top School In Gurgaon
Alpine Convent – One of the Best Schools in Sector 10 Gurgaon For any parent, choosing one of the best schools in sector 10 Gurgaon for their kids can be an incredibly exciting and exhausting process. Every parent wants their child to get the best of education. And we go to miles and miles to...
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how to student ask meaningful questions
Know How to Ask Meaningful Questions from Your Teacher By convention, education had always assumed that it is the teacher’s job how to ask meaningful questions from students and students must only answer. But that lesson strategy flipped as we entered the 21st-century and knowledge retention became a priority. Today, students are encouraged on how...
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Admission Policy of Schools
Why You Must Clearly Understand This? Even when most schools are affiliated to a common central board, the pedagogy followed in each will always differ. Yes, a CBSE-affiliated school will follow the CBSE curriculum and teach similar subjects as other CBSE-affiliated schools but the instruction methodology, academic expectations and education benchmark will be unique among...
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Project Based Learning beneficial for a student’s academic growth
What are the advantages of Project Based Learning for student academic development? The old-school pattern of delivering education through the medium of textbooks has become traditional. Now, with the 21st-century education patterns, Project based learning for student is proving highly effective in terms of grooming students smarter. But, what exactly is Project based learning for...
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importance of choosing the right school
Choosing the right school for your child  Choosing the right school is indeed a stressful and difficult task as his/her future would depend on it. Currently, amidst the pandemic, it has become even harder. Now parents also need to check out the online educational facilities and safety measures implemented by the schools. However, once you...
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board exam delayed preparation
How to Make the Most of a Delay in Board Exams Delay in board exams might seem like more time is available for the pending exams but if not used strategically, the gap can become counterproductive. It is, after all, a break in your exam flow. You were already prepared to finish off your exams...
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