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Is Handwriting An Essential Skill
Keyboarding is certainly the trend, but handwriting is what sparks brain development in young learners. Are you familiar? Touching a screen or typing on a keyboard is hardly efficient in grooming students with necessary learning skills. Scribing letters and words by hand, on the contrary, engages the brain quite actively. It improves memory and powers...
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Comprehensive Writing Skills
Are you looking forward to raising your child into perfectly groomed adults, creative, independent, and future-forward? Enrolling the little one in the right school is pivotal. It goes without saying that a well-designed curriculum plays a big role in preparing a scholar. However, what works even better is academics paired with extra-curricular and specialized mentoring....
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best CBSE school in Gurgaon
Is it Hard to Resume Schooling After a Series of Lockdown? Do you have a child who doesn’t want to resume schooling after the pandemic lockdown? It can be difficult to manage children who hate school and will do anything to not go there. Oftentimes, when young students throw tantrums to convince their parents that...
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international school in gurgaon
According to countless scientific reports, regular physical activity contributes to healthy development in a growing child. Therefore, the seed of good habits must be sown early in children. Parents should encourage their children to participate in regular physical activities from a young age. This healthy habit can help the little ones in many ways, and...
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Boost Your Child’s Communication & Listening Skills
Communication is the key feature when it comes to succeeding in life. From personal relationships to successful professional careers, a person with great communication skills can have it all. All of us in society have our own ways to communicate and express ourselves to other people.Though when it comes to children, communication does play a...
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International School Significance of Global Curriculum
Our world today is actually a Global Village and that’s the reason most issues that we face today too are not defined by geographical boundaries but highly interconnected. To be able to tackle these global social challenges, our education system should be based on a international curriculum.While the major role of education is enabling learners...
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5 Tips on How to study at Home Effectively during Pandemic
How to Study at Home – Just 5 TipsPandemic has restricted the students into their homes. Their whole day is spent attending classes online and study at home. This has led to their interaction with the classroom limited to the screens of the mobile phones and laptops. Although shutting down schools was a very important...
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Importance of school culture In a Student - Alpine
The significance of cultural activities in school for students Importance of cultural activities in school is the innermost core that shapes everything that goes on inside a school. It forms not only the base but is also reflective in the end result of various activities in an educational institution.Importance of cultural activities in school is a highly...
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How Summer School help Students - Alpine Convent
What are the Significance of Summer School? Schools were created with an idea to make ideal people out of humans and to teach them everything necessary to sustain in this world and in their lives. So choosing the right school and when summer breaks arrive, schools never close their doors but start summer programs for...
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First Day at School After Lockdown - Alpine Convent
The Most Talked About Topic in School After Pandemic - My First Day At School After the Lockdown Lockdown has changed our lives drastically. It has restricted us to the vicinity of our homes. It has also changed the way we used to function and has created a new normal for us. This includes working...
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