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best school in Gurgaon
Do you know what the education system is likely to look like in 2023? It is a no-brainer that the Indian education system is constantly evolving. Scholars today are not just brain-trained to score well and acquire good grades. Instead, training students with the necessary skills is a present-day must. Therefore, schools are dedicated to...
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school in Gurgaon
It is disappointing when your grades are not what you’ve aspired and worked hard to achieve. Don’t sink your heart just yet! Even the brightest students can sometimes have a hard day and underperform in academics. Why waste your time brooding when there are so many tested strategies to up your score. It is crucial...
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enroll your child in the best international school
Have you been mulling over your child’s academic future? Are international schools truly advantageous for promising scholars, or is it only hype? International schools and institutions offer an all-encompassing curriculum and innovative teaching methods to train and mentor students. If you are not aware already, globalisation has crawled into the world of education. Gone are...
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Best CBSE School in Gurgaon
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of parents’ most preferred boards of academics and education. Are you of a similar mindset? It is certainly no surprise that the education module grooms students with extensive subject matter knowledge. Also, the curriculum and standard of education are widely accepted across the country. Hence, enrolling and...
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Things To Consider Before Changing Schools For Your Child
Proper education is a fundamental right for scholars. If it is not the best, it hardly matters. Are you on the fence, trying to decide if changing your child’s school for the upcoming academic session is worthwhile? Well, if the institution fails to offer an environment not very conducive to a child’s learning, changing schools...
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students interest in learning
Are you struggling to get your little one hooked on the standard learning modules? You are certainly not alone in the journey. Parents and teachers brood a lot, trying to figure out ways to keep children engaged and interested in learning. After all, young scholars have a very fleeting attention span. Even the tiniest thing...
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best school in Gurgaon
Every scholar learns differently. While some students are brilliantly receptive to verbal and logic-based learning styles, others find visuals helpful. However, if we were to narrow down on a specific learning style that hits the mark for all, it is certainly practical learning. Think about it – could you teach your child the tricks of...
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Preschool Grooming Can Truly Help Kids Learn Faster
Preschools play a big-league role in early childhood development. This explains why enrolling toddlers in preschool has stepped up as an essential part of parenting. Are you in a dilemma, wondering if a preschool is the right first step for your child? It is, without a doubt, Let’s explain why. It is a no-brainer that...
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improve personality development
Personality development – a term that’s often heard of but rarely understood. Are you aware that personality development should be introduced quite early in a student’s life? Well, parents are often concerned about enrolling their little ones in schools equipping scholars with the finest education norms. What one skips thinking about is the importance of...
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Is Handwriting An Essential Skill
Keyboarding is certainly the trend, but handwriting is what sparks brain development in young learners. Are you familiar? Touching a screen or typing on a keyboard is hardly efficient in grooming students with necessary learning skills. Scribing letters and words by hand, on the contrary, engages the brain quite actively. It improves memory and powers...
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