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7 Ways to Encourage Proficiency-Based Learning in Classrooms
7 Ways to Increase Your Proficiency of Learning in Classrooms  The top schools in Gurgaon have stopped following a fixed curriculum and learning in classrooms has changed its meaning. They no longer teach what is just written in textbooks and do not grade based on standardized exams only. Today, modern schools are more focused on...
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benefits of an integrated curriculum
What is Integrated Curriculum and How Does It Benefit Students? In a top nursery school in Gurgaon, integrated curriculum is are not uncommon. And these informal performances revolve around various themes covering different topics. In one skit, you may find the nursery students depicting the concept of the solar system, clearly explaining how the Earth moves...
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Significance of Emotional Intelligence
significance of emotional intelligence for students Emotional Intelligence for students has been referred to as one of the most sensitive aspects of a student’s life. Managing emotions and outshining with optimism do wonders for kids. Now, with the 21st-century education system, emotional intelligence is being witnessed as crucial, and that a lot of focus is...
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5 Factors that Affect Student Learning
Student Learning Is About Many AspectsFamously quoted by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – “Some of the brightest minds in the country can be found on the last benches of the classroom” – sophisticated student learning considered as the powerhouse of knowledge, lay a base of the future for a child. Education delivered and the methodologies implemented...
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Healthy Classroom Competition
How Healthy Classroom Competition Reinforce Student Performance One of the most exciting factors that fetch the rush within nerves in a healthy classroom is competition. Often, the term competition is misunderstood for raising concern amongst students. However, when the competition is done in a healthy environment, it results in the enforcement of skillset followed with...
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Students Should Start Talking About Social Issues
Is Discussing Social Issues Makes Students More Concerned Citizens?  As the saying goes “school is our second home”. It is not just about lessons and getting grades, it is also important to discussing social issues in school that would help us get ahead in life. One of the most important aspects of learning is awareness; awareness...
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How to Admit Your Child into the Best School
The Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Enroll Your Kid into the Best Child School  Admitting your kid into the best child school is an exciting feeling like no other. This is a big decision that will help shape his/her entire life and create the foundation for the future ahead. When your child approaches the 3-year-old mark, it...
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Does Class Size Matter in Education?
The Class Size Matters in Education – It Defines Teacher – Student Ratio You do not need to read the whole post to conclude that the answer is yes – class size matters in education and have a profound impact on child’s learning. You may also know by now that the best schools in Gurgaon maintain...
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School Students Should Regularly Meditate
Benefits of practicing Regular Meditation in school student   before the question on meditation in school When the counsellor of a major US school was asked what is the major issue that students brought to her on a regular basis, she answered by saying “I am overwhelmed”. In fact, Harvard has an ongoing program where the...
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5 Helpful Tips for Clearing Senior School Admissions
5 Tips for Getting Accepted into a Senior High School Unlike the pre-primary stage, students hold a lot more responsibilities in senior school admission. Here, the focus is more on you and your answers rather than your parents. To clear the senior school admissions of any of the top 5 schools in Gurgaon, you will...
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