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Why is History Important According to Top Schools in Gurgaon? The first half of the 21st-century is often called the digital age. Going forward, technology is predicted to rule the market. If present students are supposed to survive and thrive in such an era, where does history as a subject hold relevance? Obviously, top schools...
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board exam delayed preparation
How to Make the Most of a Delay in Board Exams Delay in board exams might seem like more time is available for the pending exams but if not used strategically, the gap can become counterproductive. It is, after all, a break in your exam flow. You were already prepared to finish off your exams...
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Keep Students Educationally Engaged
How Can Students Stay Involved in Education During School Closings? When mind-numbing figures from around the world are floating in about the current coronavirus outbreak, you cannot help but agree to the official decision of shutting down schools. We will naturally want to keep our children from out of harm’s way when experts are constantly...
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5 Elements of a Digital Classroom
Top 5 Essential Elements of a Digital Classroom If you are asked to imagine the top 5 essential elements of a digital classroom, what would it look like? Maybe a space with modern design, a smartboard in place instead of the black one, individual chairs for students with headphone jacks, and a projector hanging from...
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Old-School Classroom Practices that are Still Effective
Still-Effective Old School Classroom Techniques In the age of advancing educational technology and personalised learning, a few old school classroom practices are obviously taking a backseat. Some are even calling for the total abolition of those practices as the modern ones are research-backed and possess proven effectiveness. However, not all old school classroom practices have lost their...
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Right Time to Start Preparing for Your Competitive Exams
How to Rightly Prepare for your competitive exams? When is the right time to start your preparations for competitive exams like NEET or JEE? When do the toppers begin their studies? These are natural questions that flood all engineering and medical aspirants once they decide that these are the paths they want to take. Both...
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How to Admit Your Child into the Best School
The Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Enroll Your Kid into the Best Child School  Admitting your kid into the best child school is an exciting feeling like no other. This is a big decision that will help shape his/her entire life and create the foundation for the future ahead. When your child approaches the 3-year-old mark, it...
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Does Class Size Matter in Education?
The Class Size Matters in Education – It Defines Teacher – Student Ratio You do not need to read the whole post to conclude that the answer is yes – class size matters in education and have a profound impact on child’s learning. You may also know by now that the best schools in Gurgaon maintain...
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School Students Should Regularly Meditate
Benefits of practicing Regular Meditation in school student   before the question on meditation in school When the counsellor of a major US school was asked what is the major issue that students brought to her on a regular basis, she answered by saying “I am overwhelmed”. In fact, Harvard has an ongoing program where the...
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5 Helpful Tips for Clearing Senior School Admissions
5 Tips for Getting Accepted into a Senior High School Unlike the pre-primary stage, students hold a lot more responsibilities in senior school admission. Here, the focus is more on you and your answers rather than your parents. To clear the senior school admissions of any of the top 5 schools in Gurgaon, you will...
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