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how to student ask meaningful questions
By convention, education had always assumed that it is the teacher’s job to ask questions and students must only answer. But that lesson strategy flipped as we entered the 21st-century and knowledge retention became a priority. Today, students are encouraged to ask questions. They are given freedom and space in classrooms. Yet, there are challenges...
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Admission Policy of Schools
Why You Must Clearly Understand This? Even when most schools are affiliated to a common central board, the pedagogy followed in each will always differ. Yes, a CBSE-affiliated school will follow the CBSE curriculum and teach similar subjects as other CBSE-affiliated schools but the instruction methodology, academic expectations and education benchmark will be unique among...
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7 Ways to Encourage Proficiency-Based Learning in Classrooms
7 way to increase your proficiency learning – Alpine school The top schools in Gurgaon have stopped following a fixed curriculum. They no longer teach what is just written in textbooks and do not grade based on standardized exams only. Today, modern schools are more focused on building proficiency among students. The expectation is to...
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benefits of an integrated curriculum
What is Integrated Curriculum and How Does It Benefit Students? In a top nursery school in Gurgaon, skits are not uncommon. And these informal performances revolve around various themes covering different topics. In one skit, you may find the nursery students depicting the concept of the solar system, clearly explaining how the Earth moves around...
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encourage students towards success
How to encourage students towards success even after failure? School education is an exceptional amalgamation of competition and embedding life-changing skills. With reference to a child, when it comes to laying an effort, it certainly becomes an admirable move for the teacher. Likewise, achievement comes along with the results. However, not every child possesses the...
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Significance of Emotional Intelligence
Makes emotional intelligence so significant for school students Emotional Intelligence has been referred to as one of the most sensitive aspects of a student’s life. Managing emotions and outshining with optimism do wonders for kids. Now, with the 21st-century education system, emotional intelligence is being witnessed as crucial, and that a lot of focus is...
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Project Based Learning beneficial for a student’s academic growth
What are the advantages of Project-Based Learning for a student's academic development? The old-school pattern of delivering education through the medium of textbooks has become traditional. Now, with the 21st-century education patterns, Project-based learning is proving highly effective in terms of grooming students smarter. But, what exactly is Project-based learning? Here, the students are offered...
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5 Factors that Affect Student Learning
Famously quoted by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – “Some of the brightest minds in the country can be found on the last benches of the classroom” – Schools, considered as the powerhouse of knowledge, lay a base of the future for a child. Education delivered and the methodologies implemented by schools, determine the growth of...
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importance of choosing the right school
Choosing the right school for your child is indeed a stressful and difficult task as his/her future would depend on it. Currently, amidst the pandemic, it has become even harder. Now parents also need to check out the online educational facilities and safety measures implemented by the schools. However, once you shortlist the best schools...
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Healthy Classroom Competition
How Healthy Classroom Competition Reinforce Student Performance One of the most exciting factors that fetch the rush within nerves in a classroom is competition. Often, the term competition is misunderstood for raising concern amongst students. However, when the competition is done in a healthy environment, it results in the enforcement of skillset followed with improved...
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