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Fair Play Trophy for 19th District Taekwondo Championship 2016


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Fitness Day

We know the benefits of regular exercise includes a healthier heart, increased well being, and a better quality of lif...

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Kite Making Day

The children enjoyed making their own kites. They used words such as; 'fly away', 'wind.' Enjoy making kites at school...

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School Achievements and Awards – What All Do They Tell You?

School Achievements and Awards – What All Do They Tell You

Winning is a good habit. And winning also shows the temperament of the whole team. When a school continuously wins awards in various fields, have a cabinet full of trophies to show, it only portrays a picture of high ambition and sheer excellence. While you may focus on the educational performance of the school or its infrastructural setup during selection, you must also focus on the trophies and certificates that the institution has won over the years. They tell you whether your child will be studying in a winning environment or end up on the struggling side.

Thus, the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon will never shy away from displaying their achievements. It is a mark of their hard work bearing fruits, the support they show to their students. There is indeed a lot to read from a school’s achievements and awards and a lot of it depend on where you are looking. Let this post be your guide to decode the school’s trophies in the right manner, the crucial factor that must sit alongside educational philosophy and faculty strength.

It shows how involved students are in their extra-curricular activities

Everyone will agree in an instant that extra-curricular activities in schools are important. But do you ever question exactly how much importance the school gives to the activities? The lessons from sports and music can only be learned when students play to win. Because that is when they give their 100%, become fully involved in the activity and indulge with passion. Playing cricket for the sake of it has no value. Participating but not striving to win is a half-hearted approach. When the trophies come, that is when the school and the students have given their everything. With this mindset, there is a win even in failures.

It also shows the philosophies present in the school

If you keep track of the trophies that the best IGCSE school in Gurgaon have won, you can read into the reality of the educational philosophy that the school maintains and actually get a feel of it beyond the text in the brochure. For instance, it may so happen that one year the school won a particular sports event but in the next, they had to return with the fair play award only. Take note that this not show that the school failed to win the event two years in a row. But it shows that they played like winners, respected the game and tried their very best without engaging in any unruly activities. Imagine the values your child will gain from being part of such a school. Such is the environment in winning schools.

It portrays the backing the students have

No seed can turn into a tree without proper nurturing. No passion can take shape without the necessary backing. Every time a student brings home a trophy, it only goes on to show the amount of support the school has given to the child. A debate winner must have fumbled in the past, felt defeated and thought about giving up. But if he/she is winning today, it means that the school has worked hard behind the child. The trophy in the cabinet is the result of continued counselling, motivating and encouraging. And if one student gets all these, it is a certainty that others do as well in their respective fields. Won’t you want your child to study here?

Finally, it gives heart to the others around

When an achievement is announced or a trophy is displayed, it is sure to ignite some passion in a few students who also believe that they can achieve the same things. When the students know that they are a part of a winning school, many take heart and move towards participation. Losing, after all, is demoralising. But winning creates a lot of sparks. Someone who always thought about kicking the football will come out. Another who hid his/her speaking talents will pick up the microphone. A stack of trophies and awards inspire the ones looking at them. Students feel encouraged and drive themselves towards success.

Read into all these

And go for the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon India who have a host of awards and achievements to show. Alpine Convent School is one such institute who has done it all. The school has winners in Taekwondo and public speaking, has its name in the Limca Book of Records and have no intention of stopping at all. You feel the positive ambiance in its premises where the students are driven and motivated, where education is a priority but so are other things. A school who believes in winning can indeed do wonders for your child.