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The Alpine Convent School | Best schools in Gurgaon with fee structure 

The School was established in 1996 under the able guidance of conscientious and meticulous personalities with a vision to impart quality education to the students and nurture their innate capacities and potentialities in a conducive environment for learning.

Over the years, the school has crossed many milestones and established itself as a quality institution through ceaseless strivings in all spheres of school life. With over thousands of students on its rolls along with a caring and a dedicated team of teachers and staff, the school has kindled the flame hidden in every child in order to transform them into the torchbearers of tomorrow.
We impart personalized learning, provide an international platform to students not forgetting the Indian values and taking the best from the Indian Education system.

At Alpine, a teacher is a facilitator, a coach and a mentor committed to ensuring a student’s success.


To nurture and shape the young seedlings planted in the garden of Alpine. To make the responsible citizens of the society and to make them the source of light and inspiration.


To bring out the best in every student in a safe, tranquil, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment making Alpine as one of the best educational institutes globally.


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