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Sports Facilities in Alpine School

Alpine School's Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities in Alpine School 1

Indoor Facilities

The school offers a gym and fitness room, squash courts, and sports pavilion as well as the use of the multi-purpose hall for boxing and badminton.

Sports Facilities in Alpine School 2

Outdoor Facilities

The school has a 25 meter pool, several pitches and net facilities as well as multiple new basketball and tennis courts with flood lights. Boys have the opportunity to play golf locally. Badminton, circuit weights, dance, trampolining, volleyball, yoga and boxing are all on offer.

  • School Ground
  • Games – The physical education curriculum focuses on the holistic concept of health. It educates the students in identifying and developing their own attitude and values associated with leading a healthy lifestyle. 

We teach students to –

  • Improve their physical skills and fitness
  • Be motivated
  • Develop self discipline.
  • Develop self respect and high self esteem
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be a Team Player
  • Sports like Basketball, Tennis , Horse Riding , Taekwondo , Cricket ,Soccer, Golf, Hockey, Skating, Swimming, Archery, Table Tennis & Adventure Training play an important role to keep every student fit.
Sports Facilities in Alpine School 3


Outdoor play can become a bit of a problem with hot scorching heat or chilly winds of Delhi NCR. Swimming is an excellent exercise to keep your kids from wasting time. Alpine provides its students with the facility of indoor temperature controlled swimming pools: A shallow pool for primary wing and a deeper pool for secondary grades. Each student gets an opportunity to learn swimming with the help of our experienced faculty.  The sanitary & hygienic conditions of which are especially taken care of. The changing rooms both for girls and boys are spacious and equipped with requisite amenities.

Sports Facilities in Alpine School 1

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is not just a journey to explore your physical fitness; it is to understand the mind and the soul. Teachers and students across all grades in Alpine are turning to yoga, meditation and other methods of mindfulness to enhance their classroom experiences and ward off stress. Even pre-kindergarten students are gaining the benefits of learning how to sit quietly and focus on their breathing through yoga and meditation.

As the nervous system is relaxed students are able to access the thinking parts of the brain. These classes help the students to concentrate and focus better eliminating emotional stress, anxiety and frustration of the students.

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