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Building & Infrastructure

Building & Infrastructure -Camera

CCTV Surveillance

HD IP cameras has been installed throughout the building which enables surveillance of all classrooms, activity rooms, entry/exit gates and indoor areas of school building for monitoring and deterrence.

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The school is equipped with latest WiFi technology, the 802.11ac wave 2 technology which provides student’s gigabit speed’s on there tablet’s & Notebook’s.

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The school cafeteria is a spacious hall with long steel tables and stools, arranged in front of the counter. It is housed in what is referred to as the Dining Block. It has a fully equipped kitchen and serves hygienic food to the students. The menu ranges from South Indian to Chinese. The school doctor and the environment club members closely supervise the cafeteria. The break time sees the students in large numbers engaged in discussions and enjoying the food served. It is a favourite place for the Alpinites , staff and students alike.

Building & Infrastructure 6

Automated Alarm System

Alpine is one of the first school in order to offer unique facility of Panic Alarms to ensure safety of every child. School safety is one of our nation’s biggest concerns. With a panic button installed in classroom & washroom at Alpine it could not only alert the police but it could also notify the entire school to execute safety precautions. Panic Alarms is installed in every classroom & washroom & special training is provided to kids for using panic alarms in case they get stuck. Benefits of Panic Alarms –

  • Ensuring Safety of every kid
  • Ensuring Safety of Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff
  • Easy Monitoring & Accessibility to kids
Building & Infrastructure 5


The centrally air-conditioned building has provision for 5 beds.  During school hours, as well as after school, for special children or for sports or for those who stay back, there is a nurse in attendance. The infirmary is under the supervision of a Pediatrician. There are regular check-ups for the students and staff, as well as vaccinations of the canteen personnel and records are kept meticulously for all the work done. The special children are provided with supplements and routine check-ups for them are also done.

The infirmary is used to tackling emergency situations like fainting, epilepsy, asthma attacks, hyperventilation attacks, cuts and wounds, as well as fractures. First aid workshops are held for staff and students. The infirmary is in charge of sending First aid kits on school outings. Oxygen cylinders as well as nebulisers are available round the clock. There are stretchers and a wheel chair in times of need.

Building & Infrastructure 3



With a sitting capacity of 600 people our auditorium is a central and important space in our School. It is used for all types of formal assembly: lectures, award ceremonies, dramatic plays, musical theater productions, concert performances of orchestra, band, chorus, jazz band, battles of the bands, dance competitions and so on. These varied events place a range of demands on the room. For all events, it is essential that everyone in the room hear, clearly and enjoyably, everything that is presented.

Building & Infrastructure 3

Central VRF Air Conditioning (Heating & Cooling) With Fresh Air Penetration & Air Purification

Learning happens only when environment is safe and comfortable. To facilitate this, School is centrally air conditioned with temperature (heating and cooling) control as per the requirements with air purification.

Building & Infrastructure 3

Interaction Areas


The best part about school life is you can explore through rooms while you flip through the pages of text books. There’s time to chat with friends, share unimaginable animated and imaginary stories, laugh at each other and brag about the all new achievements and awards. Not just this, they also get the time to explore through all those little things that make you special and unique. While in some schools children are bust in finishing their snacks before the bell, at Alpine students discuss their dreams and ambitions in comfortable and spacious rooms at each floor. Explore through the pictures to find out what school is all about.

Building & Infrastructure 2

Safest School Bus


School bus safety begins with recruiting and training safe drivers. At Alpine every School Bus is equipped with Seat Belts/ Live View Access & GPS Tracking facility. Benefits of Alpine School Transport –

  • Seat Belt feature to ensure safety of every child in case of mishaps
  • Live View Access
  • GPS Tracking Facility to track school bus
  • Fully Air-Conditioned School Transport
  • Spacious Seating Arrangement
Building & Infrastructure 1

RFID Card Attendance System


RFID is the abbreviation for radio frequency identification. Attendance systems based of RFID come with tags that only RFID devices are able to read. Once the tags are read all the information is stored on the web based storage system or the cloud, all but automatically.

Automated attendance management systems eliminate paperwork associated with the traditional attendance management systems, save time & resources. Further, the tracking is much more accurate, timely and at speed. Benefits of RFID Card Attendance System –

  • Real time tracking facility for recording attendance as well as leave
  • Instant and easy way to take attendance
  • SMS and email alerts on wards attendance to their parents
  • Automated report generation of weekly monthly class wise reports
  • High end security levels and role based access and permissions
  • Automated calculation of reward points and leaves
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Live View Access


The school provides total transparency by providing Live-View Access of the classroom by an ios and android application. Building-infrastructure Alpine Convent School.

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