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Fair Play Trophy for 19th District Taekwondo Championship 2016


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Fitness Day

We know the benefits of regular exercise includes a healthier heart, increased well being, and a better quality of lif...

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Kite Making Day

The children enjoyed making their own kites. They used words such as; 'fly away', 'wind.' Enjoy making kites at school...

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Building & Infrastructure

The School Buildings are well planned, spacious, sun lit , ventilated, temperature controlled, green and enriched with learning oriented features. The infrastructure is focused on increasing the educational performance of our students.

Learning & Academic Facilities

The Alpine Schools offer facilities like libraries, different type of labs, art & craft rooms, dance, music & theater facilities, assembly grounds, sports infrastructure,  swimming pool etc. . These give ample opportunities to our students to learn, play and pursuit extra-curricular activities for a holistic personality development.

Sports Facilities

Sport is on offer to all age groups at The Alpine Convent School. All year groups have PE classes each day timetabled in to the curriculum. It plays a central role in supporting the ethos of the school and a first-class education. The Alpine Convent School has a strong reputation for sport and there is a demanding and growing
fixture list, with depth in teams, backed up by extensive playing fields and facilities. The majority of students flourish in school or house teams, while some progress to district, state and national level.

There is an opportunity for all pupils to maximize their potential via an extensive co-curricular programme which is second-to-none. Students can participate in a rich range of sports commensurate with their abilities and every child should be able to find a skill to become engaged in. Teamwork is fostered, leaders are identified and developed and students learn much about themselves and others; sport is a vehicle for personal development.

The school benefits from a team of expert professional coaches. In addition, the academic staff are enthusiastically committed to helping deliver the extensive sports programme. Tours and pre-season training: The major sports are soccer, cricket and hockey. Other sports taken almost all the year round are swimming and basketball. Individual sports played all the year round are all racket sports.