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7 Ways of Improving Student Attendance

School absenteeism is a worldwide issue. No matter how good a school is, the drive to attend a class partly rests on the students of that school. For reasons known and unknown, a student can easily become demotivated or distracted from his/her academics, start skipping classes and thus start the loop of underdevelopment and poor performance. The onus falls on the schools to bring such students back to the classrooms, continuously motivate so that distractions do not take over, and step in whenever necessary to help the children.

The top CBSE schools in Gurgaon generally follow a few simple steps to keep their school attendance at its peak level, 7 of them are discussed as follows.

  1. Creating awareness among parents

When a student is absent from school, parents need to take the motivator’s role at home to send that child to school. For this, they will have to be aware in the first place about the downsides of school absenteeism and schools need to hold awareness sessions to discuss the associated issues. On being absent regularly, a student not only falls behind in academics but his/her social and personal growths are also stunted. When parents know about such effects, they will never allow the student to stay back at home.

  1. Making classes engaging

Boredom will creep in if the schools continue to follow the age-old teaching methods where students seldom feel involved. This naturally gives rise to higher rates of absenteeism as students will always have other exciting things to do at home. But, if schools become vigilant in making their classes more interesting, involve media and projectors and models, learning will become fun. In such a scenario, students will come to school out of curiosity and feel that the time spent in school is better than at home.

  1. Variety in extra-curricular activities

Not every student has an interest in science. Not every student is an athlete. The best schools in Sector 5 Gurgaon will identify the diversity among their students and keep a variety in their extra-curricular activities. Hence, a musician will rather practice with his/her instrument in school in presence of proper infrastructure but if the option is only absent in the first place, the student will feel no drive to be regular in school. The choices cannot be limited in extra-curricular activities. Students must get everything they want.

  1. Disciplinary actions

Amidst all the motivations and encouragements, there must be some room in schools for disciplinary actions against attendance. A minimum percentage or a maximum number of absent days allowable can also serve as motivation for students to come to school. Schools need to keep a tab on students who are missing out, involve their parents immediately if attendance starts falling, and take steps in case a student misses out on the minimum mark. Strict rules set a clear distinction between what is right and wrong.

  1. Rewarding achievements

When maintaining proper attendance become rewarding for the students, they will instinctively flock to the school seeking the recognition. Getting a prize for 100% attendance or having the name announced in front of the whole school works to motivate students. If students receive anything tangible in return for coming to school every day, they may get discouraged for the associated benefits are not easy to see for the young minds. But when rewarded, they feel driven and continue the trend.

  1. Friendly and safe environment

A student’s home is a safe and comfortable place for him/her. If schools cannot replicate a similar environment, then no child will be willing to leave their comfort zone and go to a less-friendly ambiance. The best primary school in Gurgaon thus maintains a safe and cordial classroom environment for all its students so that they feel at home even in schools. Teacher behaviors, peer-to-peer interactions, security measures in place, all these matter and schools must keep these on priority.

  1. Making space for personalized learning

Even if all the above parameters are maintained, a student may still feel disconnected at school if the lessons are not presented in his/her preferred form. Here, the parameter of personalized learning comes in wherein schools must prioritize an all-inclusive curriculum. They must also provide individual attention, remedial classes, and ensure that no student feels left behind. The basic need of students is to receive proper education at school. This must be met to improve attendance.

Alpine Convent School is one such institute that maintains all these parameters within the school. And the results are evident from the school’s high annual attendance rate. Alpine is modern and futuristic. Classroom engagement is high here and students always feel connected to their education and passions. Alpine’s approach is the ideal method of reducing school absenteeism. A curriculum where students feel excited to come to school every single day.

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