6 Parameters you must Check Before Admitting your Child to a School

The first steps and the first words of your child are moments to cherish and remember. But soon after the joy sinks in and your toddler’s walks convert into runs, comes the next big decision of schooling. The sheer number of options that you have currently will naturally throw you into confusion and you will be at your wit’s end to decide which institute is best suited. The school must match your child’s IQ, guidance should be premier and no resources should be denied to your child during his/her entire student phase. Your choice is vital, something that will shape your child’s entire life.

Although things may seem a bit overwhelming, you actually have to focus on and verify a few basic parameters while scanning through the list of private schools in Gurgaon. Evaluating these will help you to understand the school’s overall competence, how well will your child thrive in the institution and how far does the school go to provide the best education. Look into the following points and all the clouds of doubts will disappear to make your decision clearer.

  1. The curriculum the school follows

For a long time, parents only had three options to choose from – two national boards or the state board. If you are restricting your search among these three only, then you are already a step behind. Many schools now follow international curriculums that are accepted worldwide which comes with its own set of benefits. Enrolling your child into curriculums like the IGCSE will give him/her the necessary international exposure which will ultimately help his/her future careers.

  1. The facilities available

The modern-day school is more about than just classrooms. Your child can only grow and thrive if he/she has the basic facilities available to him/her at all times. A good school will have a rich library, ample on-campus space, facilities to pursue sports and arts of their choice, well-equipped laboratories and so on. No institute should compromise on these facilities and even the best of teachers cannot impart education without the necessary resources. So, check for number and quality of resources that the school is providing.

  1. The different modes of education

If you look into the list of best schools in Gurgaon, you will never find the institutions confining their students to a single classroom. The best in the list will, in fact, bring the right balance between classroom education and learning in the external world. Children of the modern age are adept to consuming more knowledge if presented in the right sense and schools must take the responsibility to provide that. Your selected school must have excursions, academic trips, educational events, recreational activities and others to create the perfect balance.

  1. The safety provided

Unintentionally, many parents get caught up in the schools’ performance and marks while selecting that the institute’s security comes in as the last parameter. A child can never learn if he/she feels constantly threatened and growth halts in a hostile environment. So, you must look carefully into the security measures the school takes to safeguard its students and if there are any existing fallacies. The best schools will have CCTV coverage, 24*7 security personals, thorough background checks of its staff, GPS installed in its buses and much more.

  1. The faculty strength and quality

You can easily find the faculty strength and information about the teacher’s expertise from the admission officer of your selected school. Look into factors like the teacher to student ratio, how many faculty members are recruited for each subject, their proficiency to teach a particular level and other factors that may strike you. Also, take into consideration how teachers tend to evaluate the students and if other methods apart from written exams are employed or not.

  1. One-to-one attention on students

Many parents naturally assume that such focused attention is not possible in a classroom environment and do not consider this factor during their selection process. The case isn’t so for the best schools around and the teachers go to the very extent to help every student possible. Such institutes have remedial classes, recruit counsellors to look into the student’s psychological well-being and teachers take attention of slow learners that none are left behind. Even better-performing students are given extra attention to further their capabilities. So, do not leave one-to-one attention out as a selection parameter.

Alpine Convent school, the best school in Sector 56 Gurgaon, covers all aspects that make a school suitable for a student to learn and thrive in and has all the necessary facilities and amenities. The faculty quality is unparallel, every student gets equal attention and the authorities maintain a top-class security knot. Such schools reduce your research time as you will get all that you will ever want in your child’s school in a single name. So, take time to make an informed decision and settle only for the best institute around.

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