6 Common Causes of Stress among Students and How Schools can Help to Combat Them

Stress and anxiety have almost become a part of living now and it is crippling students of all age and grade. The modern world is fast-paced and highly competitive which is forcing students not only to develop expertise in what they do but also learn multiple skills simultaneously. It is more than academics now; high grades matter a lot more and there’s hardly any breathing space for the children of the current age.

Here is a list of 6 common causes of stress among school students, following which we will discuss how institutes, who feature in the list of top 10 schools in India, work towards mitigating them. This post will enable you to identify your stress and understand whether the schools are doing enough to help you to overcome them. Let’s get started.

6 Common Causes of Stress among Students:

  1. Upcoming exams

There is generally the pressure to perform and the stress increases exponentially with the number of exams in a school’s sessions. Students tend to stay awake at nights, struggle to cover the entire syllabus or add on the extra pressure with that many additional subjects. All these changes their lifestyle, which causes additional stress and things explode at the end of the day.

  1. Juggling extra-curriculars with academics

In reality, students cannot afford to be only good with their subjects. They need extra skills, follow two or three hobbies and must also engage in community service. Twenty-four hours a day suddenly become too less for everything and this builds up a massive amount of stress. Many children have their whole day packed, even on weekends, and there is simply no time to rest their brains.

  1. Following forced decisions

This cause is quite prevalent where a student is forced to pursue a subject or a stream even when he/she has a strong disliking towards it. An artist can never score well in mathematics while a historian may never sing in his/her life. Forcing a decision on a student will lead him/her to under perform in that field which will naturally build up stress. The student will find it hard to fit in and it will harm his/her confidence.

  1. Lack of proper break

Playing a game in a gadget or surfing social media do not count as stress-free breaks. School students must have enough physical activity to maintain their emotional well-being. The current age of the internet is trapping children in their rooms which, along with the nuisances of digitisation, are major causes of stress. Children are meant to be out-going and invest more time outside.

  1. Burden of homework

Students attribute this as the most common cause of stress and their homework is going on increasing with the rising number of subjects. The performance issue is at play here as well. There is a huge misconception that students learn better with homework which creates havoc in their schedules. Combined with their present lifestyle, the burden of homework does not help at all.

  1. No support

And when stress results in poor performance, students often end up misunderstood or blamed upon. There are cases where stress built upon stress just due to the lack of a lending ear. Many have gone on to take extreme measures when all of it could have been solved by talking. Lack of support during difficult times degrades a student’s morals and he/she finds it difficult to reach his/her full potential.

How can schools help?

All the six factors discussed above can be mitigated by the schools the students study it. In fact, if you list top schools in Gurgaon, the institutes here do go to the very extent to take care of the student’s stresses. Such schools take steps to:

  • Make exams knowledge-based – where more focus is given on learning rather than the marks achieved. This takes away the performance pressure to quite an extent.
  • Focus on extra-curricular activities within the school hours – and it does not become an extra burden on students. The top schools have a variety to suit all.
  • One-to-one discussion with students – to understand their needs and choices so that no decision is forced. They get their freedom to learn and grow.
  • Regular exercise and focus on sports – again, within school hours to meet the students’ exercise needs along with academics.
  • Balance between homework and learning – and substituting written form with project-based assignments. If students enjoy their work, stress will stay away.
  • Full-time counselors in the faculty team – to lend a helpful ear to students whenever the need arises.

Alpine Convent School is one institute that ticks all the above boxes when it comes to reduce and combat stress among students. It features as a top name in the list of schools in Delhi NCR region due to its student-friendly approach towards academics. So, enroll your child into an institute that works to reduce their stress and completes their education in the right way. There really shouldn’t be any space for stress in a student’s life at all.

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