5 Ways Students Benefit from Participating in School Events

The good IGCSE schools in Gurgaon have regular events for a reason. Whether they are educational or cultural, sports or arts, every event has something to teach the students that they can carry along with them throughout their entire lifetime. When a student leaves the audience’s seat and participates, she is gathering experience by being involved and the feedback mechanism of this lesson is far better than any theory or application. Hence, it is primary that students take part in school events, in whatever field they find their calling, for they will have the following benefits laid out for them by taking part.

  1. Participation boosts self-confidence

Take the example of a student who has a liking for basketball. The very first step of making the decision to take up the sport and getting enrolled with the coach will require a lot of heart. Once this is done, the next processes will gradually follow where the student arrives in the court for the first time, makes her first dribble or baskets her first ball. Every achievement will boost her confidence and she will start getting better. But when this liking of her finds a grand stage, like an inter-school event, achievements there will sky-rocket her confidence. This student is bound to become ambitious in whatever she does.

  1. It also makes the competition better

At times, comparison is good. A speaker cannot become a great orator by only speaking to herself in front of the mirror. But when she takes part in a debate competition where she faces her competitors who are way better than her, she gets a perspective upon how much hard work she actually requires. The larger the event, the better the competition, the harder the child will work. Having a rival is like setting a benchmark and school events are great places to have that exposure. Here again, there is a difference is merely seeing the event from far away and actually being on the stage, competing.

  1. Multiple options open up for the students

The events of the top 5 schools in Gurgaon is not only about becoming better at the path taken by the student. It is also about evaluating the current avenue, taking some time to self-judge and stop in the tracks if things feel wrong. A budding scientist with a temporary interest in literature can take up writing for some moment. However, his epiphany towards science will not come until he competes with actual writers. A failure in a big stage has a lot to teach, the student can introspect and come to the right decision early. Minor failures are often not good enough to provide the required jolt and school events can provide that clearance.

  1. The psychological impacts are tremendous

Imagine a student captaining the school football team in a practice match and then leading the same team in an inter-house event within the school itself. The stark difference between the two events will create separate levels of leadership qualities in that student. When the stage becomes grand, when the stakes rise, every student inherently puts in more than she normally would have. Just as a loss hurts that much, a win creates massive excitement. And the psychological connections created from the experience will have a long-lasting impact. School events work to amplify the circumstances which, in turn, ingrains the skills learned.

  1. It provides the much-needed break

Numerous scientific researches all throughout history have proven multiple times that a rested mind can create wonders. The school events fit inside the regular school curriculum as those break-points that helps to remove the monotony of a particular task. A student needs to participate in a few events along with maintaining her studies just to activate the different points of her mind at different times so that the other can rest while some other area is working. This way, the brain replenishes its focus, gets back the strength for another routine and the entire performance, be it any anywhere, naturally improves.

So, look for IGCSE affiliated schools in Gurgaon where events are a regular occurrence. Where there is space for all students to explore their passions and take it to the next level. Alpine Convent School houses a rich collection of extra-curricular activities in all the necessary areas and gives their students the space to participate and improve. The institution encourages the children to come out of their shells, take part in the event they want and maintain the perfect balance between these and the academic curriculum. Experience is the ultimate teacher and school events can provide that. It is here that the students learn to connect their classroom knowledge with real-life applications.

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