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5 Invaluable Tips for Parents to Prepare for School Admission Interview

Handling school admission interviews can be tricky for the parents. There’s always that pressure of you messing up your child’s chances of getting into one of the top schools in Sector 50 Gurgaon. Then comes the fear of answering questions which can often become a bit personal. But schools need to ask you what they need to know to evaluate all the children who are applying for their limited seats. And it does come down to the answers that you give rather than the ones that your child missed. Stating logically, the little one is supposed to fumble, but you must appear as an expert parent.

This list of 5 invaluable tips will help you to prepare right for your next school admission interview. Following these, you are bound to hit the right notes during the session with the school’s management and take all the correct steps. Take note, work a bit and improve your child’s admission chances.

  1. Prepare a list of common questions and practice answering

There will always be a few common questions that all schools will be asking you. Do your research, get in touch with your friends and neighbours and prepare a list. Then, sit down and craft convincing answers to them and keep practicing as much as you can. Ask your spouse to do something similar and exchange notes. This willhelp in calming your nerves down, make you feel prepared and you will not be caught off-guard when the questions do come up in the session.

  1. Get rid off the pressure to perform

If the admission into one of the top institutes in the list of best schools in Gurgaon is on the line, parents tend to feel the pressure of performing. They naturally transfer the stress to their children and the whole thing falls apart. Hence, you must identify if such situations are coming up in your household. Take informed steps to keep the pressure aside and focus on having fun in the process. Treat the whole experience as a learning curve where everyone is allowed to make a few mistakes.

  1. Stay away from peer pressure also

Your child is unique in his/her own way and the schools are expert enough to identify that. If you hear that someone’s child got admission because she could recite multiple poems or spell out many words, do not force the situation on your child. He/she may be good at singing or identifying colours and all these do count in the interview hall. The peer pressure mentality will show on you during the interview and the teachers will take note. Be encouraging of your child during the session, show care and all this can happen when you are not feeling competitive.

  1. Be true about your qualifications

As a matter of fact, avoid inflating anything. When the interviewers ask you about your education or profession, being truthful will show them the kind of values you are transferring to your child. Even while answering questions regarding your family or living situation, stick to stating the facts. You are not there to impress the person in front but to show the influence you have on your child. Accordingly, the schools decide whether your child can fit into their classrooms.

  1. Get all the information about your child straight

If you cannot list down the vaccines your child received to that date, expect the schools to take you as a detached parent. This does not create a good impression. The schools will ask you a lot of questions about your child like his/her eating habits, behaviour to particular situations, history of allergies, hobbies and interests and so on. Now, it is possible that you are not a part of every second of your child’s life but not knowing is never an excuse. So, discuss with your spouse, collect all the necessary information and be prepared with all the facts.

Cover as many areas as you can, especially if you are applying for a top institute in the list of international schools in Gurgaon like the Alpine Convent School. It is not that the teachers interview you to give you a hard time, but they will evaluate minutely every detail that works to protect the school’s educational environment. Your answers, your behaviour is a reflection of your child’s future and such schools will verify that. So, keep these tips handy, spend some time with your family and put in the deserved amount of work into your child’s school admission. The top schools ask difficult questions for a reason. The education there matches that level.

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