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4 Smart Tips to Taking Fast Notes in School

Taking notes is a life long process. You will have to start in school, continue in college and go on till the very end of your professional career. Notes help you to remember what you hear, revise all that you learned and take informed actions whenever called upon. Thus, it is essential that you start right and learn to take quick and fast notes in school only and carry the habit forward in life. Your teachers will be helpful at this stage, they will slow down if you miss out. This is when you brush your note-taking skills by accepting all the available help that you get from your school.

So, here are 4 smart tips listed for you to learn taking faster notes than you already do. You know they come in handy during exams and revisions and the more you can write down, the better it is for you. Apply these to hear and write better, and do not miss out on any vital information.

  1. Review the topic before attending the class

There is a very good reason why the teachers of the best school in Sector 56 Gurgaon ask their students to read a bit on the topic first and then attend the class. If a term is totally unknown to you, your mind will take longer to process what the teacher is teaching and it will take that much time to jot it down. However, if you have read the matter first, your mind recognizes the words you didn’t understand earlier and quickly connects the dots. Note taking becomes easier and you can capture the lesson better. Your teacher will tell you what she will teach in the next class. Take some time at home and read on the topic well before.

  1. Use the available space in your textbook

There will be times when you will need a separate notebook to write down your notes, especially for subjects like mathematics and computers. But there will also be times when you can use the white spaces of your textbooks to take your notes, like in history or economics. Both the latter subjects are theoretical in nature and the main information is already there in the books. You can write down the tips and tricks that the teacher is saying right beside the main text which makes the process easier. You will only have to jot down the keywords and underline whatever matches with the text and the teacher’s lecture.

  1. Write the main points only

Many students try too hard to copy down exactly what the teacher is saying or writing on the board. This process will naturally slow you down as you are also learning while writing your notes. Instead of splitting your focus equally, devote most of your attention to learning and write down only the important points and terms that the teacher is saying. After your class, take some time to summarise whatever you learned and use the pointers you noted to write down a detailed note. Since you paid attention to learning, you will remember everything that was taught and can fill up the gaps using the help of your textbook.

  1. Be organized and clean

You will always find your teachers in the best school in Sector 67 Gurgaon stressing on the points of maintaining separate notebooks for different subjects and starting a new topic from a new page. Organizing your notes and keeping it clean ultimately helps you to retain your lesson and aids your learning. If you write everything in a single page, your mind will become confused by looking at the note itself and it will try to decode what is in front instead of listening to the teacher. However, if you space it out for your mind, it does not have to work that much hard and you can focus on the lesson at hand.

It is really that simple. The above combination will make you a master note-taker and you can learn your subjects in the class only and do not have to put in an extra effort later. The unique attribute of the best international schools in Gurgaon like the Alpine Convent School is that such schools do not focus only on education and its directly related factors. Note taking may seem like a simple skill, but it is very necessary and Alpine gives it the right space. The teachers help the students to develop proficiency and you can improve in no time. Pick this up as a skill. Take faster notes. You will notice the difference in your performance quickly and definitely like the new way of learning.

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