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February 28, 2022


Boost Your Child’s Communication & Listening Skills
Communication is the key feature when it comes to succeeding in life. From personal relationships to successful professional careers, a person with great communication skills can have it all. All of us in society have our own ways to communicate and express ourselves to other people.Though when it comes to children, communication does play a...
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International School Significance of Global Curriculum
Our world today is actually a Global Village and that’s the reason most issues that we face today too are not defined by geographical boundaries but highly interconnected. To be able to tackle these global social challenges, our education system should be based on a global curriculum.While the major role of education is enabling learners...
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5 Tips on How to study at Home Effectively during Pandemic
Pandemic has restricted the students into their homes. Their whole day is spent attending classes online. This has led to their interaction with the classroom limited to the screens of the mobile phones and laptops. Although shutting down schools was a very important step that was taken to protect the well-being of children, it has...
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