Appreciations & Celebrations


Hon. Chief Minister of Delhi
Smt. Sheila Dixit :
"I wish the school, its teachers, students and its forthcoming publication – ' I K E B A N A ' all success."


Guest from West Indies :
Sen. Hon. Tessa Mangal minister in the Prime minister's office. - Saint Lucie
"I am indeed honored to have been afforded the opportunity to visit this fine establishment. The warmth and hospitality of the staff & students was exceptional."


A Day with Sunita williams
Childern visited Om Shanti Retreat Pataudi, Gurgaon for a special interaction with Sunita Williams, the Astronaut .


Sen. Hon. Dr. Rosemarie Mathurin - Saint Lucie
"It was the most exiting experience to Visit Alpine Convent School. I wish; I will be back again one day to this excellent school


Mr. Dheeraj Kumar
Gold Medalist, Common Wealth Sports, Melbourne
"Wonderful performance by the children on the occasion of sports day. The school is on the right track."


Mr. Birender Singh
Finance Minister, Haryana
"Awesome performance by the students of Alpine on the occasion of Annual Function. Congratulations to all."


DN Bhardwaj
CJM, District, Gurgaon, Haryana.
It was indeed a wonderful and a very rich stage show by the children of Alpine on the occasion of "Hopscotch" Annual day 07-02-09.


Annual day 'HOPSCOTCH' 
A spectacular show on 'celebration of childhood' was showcased.
Almost 700 children participated in this mega event.

Orientation Day
Suswagatam ! Our new parents arrived at school beaming with pride and excitement. And why not? After all. Their little darlings are going to be the part of the school. It was an informal session where the parents were acquainted with school's rules and regulation, curriculum and implementation of the same. A questionnaire session invited many parents to get familiar with effective Parenting at different age levels.

Mother's Day 
The beautiful versus written beneath in honor of the most respectable person in one's life speaks all. Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky, hundreds of shell on the shore together. Hundred of birds go singing by, hundreds of lambs in the sunny weather hundreds of dewdrops to greet the drawn, bees in the purple clover. But only one mother worldwide over. The stage was set for rendering gratitude to the mothers who work relentlessly for the development of her child.
Thanks Mom . . .

Walk and Watch
Creativity and innovation by the Alpinites was at its best when the students showcased an exhibition based on their Holiday Work. The Montessori Kids were also playfully engaged as they demonstrated simple phenomenon from day to day life.

Outdoor Visit
To explore the unknown & be a part of wild fantasy the little children visited Fun & Food Village, The water Amusement Park.

Grandparents Day
"My Grandparent – My teacher, My friend, an apostle of knowledge and wisdom". The message was conveyed through a stage show by the children only for their grandparents.


A venture into an Adventure
Eight to 8 camp
It was an opportunity for the children to learn responsibilities and how to become self sufficient when he/she is away from home and parents. The day witnessed a lot of trekking, Rappelling climbing, Zorbing, Tent Pitching.

Sports Day
"A thrilling day, I learnt never to give up whatever comes in my way"
The enthusiasm and unbridled energy marked the Annual Sports week.

Audio On
"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. ~ Aristotle "