The Preparatory wing of Alpine Convent School gives Opportunity to every child to live free from all fears and tensions. Children are exposed to Montessori Method of teaching where they are provided with great variety of materials to manipulate, experiment, play, touch and feel.

The school inculcates child oriented programs so that his /her imaginations are stimulated and creativity is encouraged. For us, every child is an 'able child' thus exploring his/her potential is our main objective. Special attention is given to enhance vocabulary and spoken English.


Children's early learning experiences have a profound effect on their development.

Understanding the fact, that at Montessori (beginning with Premont till Mont III) children’s receptivity to new influences and capacity to learn is at peak, the school curriculum and teaching methodology promotes Discovery Learning Through Thematic Approach.

The Montessori Classes helps our child to adjust and fare better in primary classes because of his early preparation and acquaintance with school atmosphere. He learns to get along well with teachers and other children. He learns to be cheerful, cooperative and to share his belongings and experiences. He learns to spot differences in colours, pictures, sizes, shapes, and sound. He understands road sense and to play safely outdoors. A pre-school goer's mind has an astounding capacity to learn. We provide him an environment in which his curious mind can ask question.

The wing is well equipped with

  • Play station
  • Audio-Visual teaching aids
  • Splash pool
  • Sand pit
  • Sleeping Corner
  • Story Room

Mont. Education at Alpine continually observe, monitor, document and evaluate children's learning and regularly report on their achievement to parents and the children themselves. The Assessment and Evaluation Programs are focused to improve learning abilities.
















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